Favorite Blogs and Recipes to Survive the Holidays

Navigating the Holidays with Mindful Eating and Joyful Recipes

holiday dinner

Between big gatherings with an abundance of food and potentially challenging interactions with family members, the holidays can certainly be a time of heightened stress and anxiety.  You may find the urge to rely on old or “self-destructive” behaviors. Instead, read some of our favorite blogs on how to survive the holidays. Whether you are working on recovery from an eating disorder or trying to be a more mindful eater, we think you will benefit from below. We suggest you steer clear of diet talk at the holiday table and we encourage your to bring a favorite recipe to share with others. Start a new tradition and create new memories around eating. Reach out to your LCWNS dietitian if you need extra support this time of year.


Holiday Resources:

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How To Deal With Diet Talk

How To Face Diet Talk During the Holidays

Entertain the Concept of Health This Holiday Season

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Holiday Recipes:

Roasted Cauliflower with Cranberries

Quinoa and Mushroom Stuffing

Gingerbread Cookies




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