Eating Disorder Case Supervision For Clinicians

Available Weekly - Register For Schedule

Advance your clinical skills with two seasoned clinicians in the field of eating disorders.


Cost: $150 Per Session

Full commitment and
payment due at registration

60 Minute Sessions

With a 6 clinician cap for
each group

Weekly Schedule

Sessions are held every week. Contact for scheduling. 

Workshop Overview

With over 35 years of experience, Danielle and Laura offer a unique
opportunity for clinicians to receive guidance from the lens of both the psychologist and registered dietitian, who use a blend of modalities ranging from dynamic therapy, CBT,FBT, nutrition education, and mind-body work.

This workshop will provide tools for clinicians to better understand assessment, levels of care, and how to approach complex ED presentations.

Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Psychiatrists, and PCPs are welcome at all levels of expertise. This workshop allows for a greater sense of community and an enhanced understanding of the collaborative approach needed when working with individuals with eating disorders.

The one hour of supervision with Laura Cipullo, an approved CEDS Supervisor, can be used in accrual of supervised hours for IAEDP credentialing as a certified eating disorder specialist.

Groups are capped at six clinicians, allowing one case presentation per clinician. Clinicians will be expected to attend all six sessions to maximize understanding and collaborative learning.

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Danielle V. Shelov


Laura Cipullo


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