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Laura Cipullo is a highly sought-after speaker and writer on a variety of topics ranging from eating disorders to diabetes to healthy living. Her articles and television segments focus on the same All Foods Fit philosophy that she champions for clients in her practice. Browse a selection of her press clippings here, or contact Laura directly for press inquiries.


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Eating Disorders & Body Image

General Health & Wellness


Parents & Children

Yoga & Mindfulness

Dietitian details how to not be an almond parent

PIX11 News

Expert Interview: Laura Cipullo

Project Re-EDucate

How to stay mindful of health
and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal

CBS News

Give the Gift of Wellness


Navigating your Nutrition

PIX11 News

Healthy Swaps For Your Summer BBQ

Fox News

U.S. government issues new cholesterol guidelines

Fox Business

Study: Heart Disease/Diabetes Risks Tied to Carbs, Not Fat

Fox News

Is Chipotle Really Healthier than McDonald’s?

Fox Business

Drinking Soda In Moderation

Registered Dietitian Laura Cipullo on the health effects of diet soda.
Fox News

5 Tips To Prevent Childhood Obesity

The Daily Meal

Healthy Ways To Get Through Halloween

Arise Entertainment 360

Eating A Big Breakfast Could Speed Weight Loss

Fox News

Do Probiotics Live Up To The Claims?

Fox News

Healthy Food With A Bad Rep

The Willis Report on Fox News

Subway Vs. McDonald’s

Fox Business

How To Make Your Kids’ Meals Healthier

Fox and Friends

New Years Resolutions

Say Anything! Joy Behar

Shedding Pregnancy Pounds

Headline News (HLN)

Why Do We Waste Food?


New York City Soda Ban

Fox and Friends

Diabetes And Teens

Headline News (HLN)

Dirty Dozen

Headline News (HLN)

Disney’s New Nutrition Policy

Headline News (HLN)

Alicia Silverstone Kiss Feeding With Her Child

Headline News (HLN)

New Obesity Pill, Qnexa, Closer To Approval

Headline News (HLN)

PowerwomenTV Facebook Live!


Jenna Wolfe Live with Laura Cipullo

Jenna Wolfe Show



The Body Clock Diet for Women with Michelle King Robson & Pam Peeke, MD

Laura Cipullo, RD, discusses the body clock diet for women, and how it can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Diabetes Comfort Food Diet with Lisa Davis

Laura Cipullo, RD, joins host Lisa Davis to share tips from her new book, The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet.


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