How To Face Diet Talk During the Holidays

Should I diet during the holidays?

Holiday time always comes with an overwhelming wave of emotion, whether that be joy and excitement, anticipating seeing family and friends, or anxiety and insecurity. If you resonate more so with the latter, remember you are not alone; after all, this holiday is all about togetherness.

While many holiday traditions are food-focused, especially the Thanksgiving feast, and many family members tend to overshare opinions, this should not take away from the festivities, and you have the tools to neutralize this space. From the meal preparation to dining around the table, you have the power to transform this space into a positive, safe environment, by shutting down diet and body talk.

First, remember that the average person eats about 3 meals per day, making this Thanksgiving meal 0.09% of the meals you eat in a year. This meal will not define you, this meal will not make you “good” or “bad”, nor are the components of this meal “good” or “bad”. But, what makes the holiday season a “good” one, is sharing in love, laughter, and togetherness. Nobody will remember who ate what, the size of anyone’s body, what diet they were on, but they will remember the memories created together and the exchanging of stories. There are so many more exciting things to talk about than diets and body size. So when the inevitable diet talk or body comment arises, take a moment, take a breath, and remember why you’re gathered around the table.



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