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The Best Registered Dietitian & Nutritional Therapy Practitioner: Laura Cipullo, Accepting In Person and Virtual Telehealth Appointments

If you're seeking a New York dietitian or a dietitian in NJ, look no further. As one of the nation’s leading nutritional counseling experts, Laura Cipullo is one of the best registered dietitians in the area. She helps individuals overcome their most difficult nutritional challenges from eating disorders to insulin resistance. From the hustle and bustle in New York to the quiet suburbs in New Jersey, Laura Cipullo stands out as top nutritionist and eating disorders specialist. Combining  25 years of experience, Laura embodies a fusion of science, pyschology and mindfulness.

Areas of Expertise

Eating Disorders

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Digestive Health

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Concierge Nutrition

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GCM & Personalized Nutrition

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Sports Nutrition

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Fertility & Nutrition

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PCOS & Diabetes

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Lifestyle & Wellness

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SOS Approach

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Eating Disorder Therapy Embrace Holistic Wellbeing

Seeking the best dietitian blogs for insights? Or perhaps you're on the lookout for a “diet expert near me”? With Laura, you get a unique blend of both. Her extensive expertise as a registered dietitian in New York resonates in her compassionate approach, making her one of the top dietitians in the nation. Whether you're an athlete seeking a sports nutritionist or someone navigating health challenges, Laura's nutrition therapy is tailored to meet your unique needs. Dive into her nutritional counseling sessions to uncover the power of positive nutrition and the "Eat Kale and Cupcakes" philosophy.

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Laura Cipullo

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