The Unintentional Consequences of the Fitness World

Lauren Licatesi, MS, RD Did you know that physical activity can improve brain health, help manage metabolic disorders, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, strengthen bones, and improve one’s ability…

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Yoga for Digestion

Minimal indigestion is not typically a serious problem, but it is an annoying one, involving bloating, feeling too full at the beginning of a meal or after, nausea and stomach pain. If you have it, take heart you’re not alone. Millions are suffering right along with you. And even though it’s not often serious, it is the kind of thing that can really interfere with your life and keep you from feeling your best. It can interrupt sleep, cause you to cancel appointments, make you feel like not working out, and just generally put a damper on things. Surprisingly, yoga is a valid treatment or compliment to your treatment plan.

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