5 ADHD-Friendly Pampered Chef Kitchen Tools

5 ADHD-Friendly Pampered Chef Kitchen Tools


Children and adults with ADHD face a number of challenges when cooking and preparing food and feeding themselves.  They may be easily distractible and forget to eat, have poor awareness of internal hunger and fullness cues, or have difficulties with judging portion sizes accurately.  Having helpful and fun kitchen tools on hand can be useful for individuals with ADHD to get the nutrition that they need.


  1. 1-cup Prep Bowls


Pre-portioned bowls take the thinking out of portioning when putting together meals.  Store leftovers or meal prep for the week so that when its time for a meal or snack, all you need to do is pop it in the microwave.


  1. Blender with Smoothie Cup


Smoothies are a great way to pack nutrition into a drinkable form.  They can be taken on the go or drunk while working to prevent going hours without eating.


  1. Reusable Storage Bags


Portion out snacks, cut up produce, and sandwiches for easy, plan-ahead meals and snacks.  These storage bags are clear so you can see whatever is inside and they go in your freezer, fridge, microwave, or oven.


  1. Metal Straws


Metal straws are a fun way to sip smoothies and other drinks sustainably.  They are easy to clean and you can take them on the go.


  1. Cut-N-Seal Crustless Sandwich Maker


Do your kids love crustless sandwiches?  This Cut-N-Seal maker gives you a quick and easy way to make these sandwiches at home using their favorite ingredients.  They can even help and get involved in the preparation, which makes them more likely to try what they made.


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