Why You Are #MoreThanANumber

As you know, I’m all about Health at Every Size. But I also understand that so many of us find it hard to embrace this philosophy because of the strict dictates of the fashion industry. “Regular-sized” models that we see in so many ads and magazines are super skinny, and most clothing stores seem to only be able to count to 12 or 14 (size 12 or 14, that is). As a result, we’re convinced (so very wrongly) that we need to be a certain size to be healthy, attractive and happy. And if it’s hard for us to live up to this standard, imagine how it is for the models themselves. In 2006 alone, five died from eating disorders.

Clearly, something has to change, and model Charli Howard is the one leading the battle, after her modeling agency let her know, in no uncertain terms, that she was too large for the fashion world. Instead of walking away from the industry entirely (and who would blame her?) or going on a starvation diet to get work again, she decided to let the world know all about her experience in an amazing Facebook post. (Before you click, please note that this post contains some vulgar language.)

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