Drop-In Yoga Classes at The Yoga Collective 135 West 29th Street Room 603, New York, NY 10001 

All drop-in classes are 55 minutes. Towels are available. Water and mats are available for purchase.

November and December  2018 classes are continuously being added.

Request a class or suggest a time by emailing laura@lauracipullo.com

Open Yoga – Ages 16-years-old through Adult

This is the class for every person and appropriate for all levels. There is no right or wrong. Guide your body by working with sensations to flow into and out of the poses, while being mindful of breath and gaze. The class sequence will vary offering time for inversions and posture assistance.


Buddha Flow – Ages 16-years-old through Adult

Yoga for all body types; anyone who wants to get comfortable moving in their own body. This is our signature class! This flow focuses on binding breath with movement so that you can take what you learn on the mat off of the mat. Each pose is held for three to five breaths. NYC classes are guided by Shannon Herbert, RYT, Dietetic Intern and instructor at Laura’s L’ifestyle Lounge.


Self care begins here. Come with a compassionate mind and get ready to find your pride.

Classes will be offered Saturday, November 24th through December 29th, 9:30-10:30 am, and 10:00 am- 11:00 am, Sunday’s November 25th through December 16th.

Rock, Sweat and Glow  – Ages 16-years-old through Adult

Build internal heat in this fast paced Vinyasa class, set to a mix of pop, rock, hip-hop and rap. You will also focus on bending AND breathing in this moving mediation. You will leave happy and one step closer to your own nirvana. In order to allow you to create your own experience, instructor demonstration will be very limited. Experienced beginners to advanced levels.



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