The Mommy Manual Series Debuts Today!

About a year and a half ago, when my two boys were accepted to—and ready to start—school the following fall (in NYC,  this means pre-kindergarten and kindergarten), I knew I would have much more time to myself. And I wondered how I might be most effective in creating changes to advance the awareness of positive nutrition education. I needed to reach a greater mass of people with this important message. I truly enjoyed working with my practice clients on both an individual and group basis, but I knew I needed to do more to help prevent eating disorders—including binge eating disorders—on a much wider scale. So many children were getting referred to my office for dieting, restricting, hiding food and binging. In part, “overweight” children were the result of overzealous parents afraid that they were raising overweight kids; underweight children were afraid of carbs and thought that they were “bad.”
And then, the solution came to me: You should write a book! Well, as you can easily imagine, plans don’t always turn out the way you expect they might. But they usually turn out to be something; sometimes, they even turn out to be many things! So began my pursuit—which I have yet to complete. But it did lead me to the creation of Mom Dishes It Out.  As you know, MDIO is my personal blog detailing the trials, tribulations, and teachable moments of feeding my own boys. Their eating habits are not perfect nor are they meant to be. I just hope other parents reading my blog are not only getting nutrition tips but also feeling a sense of “do the best you can” in giving your kids constructive tools to deal with food and the emotions surrounding food without overly controlling the situation.
One of the more far-reaching outcomes of my positive nutrition approach was to reinvent the eating/activity program I’d developed for my children into a book featuring eight lessons for every parent or educator to know and utilize when teaching nutrition. Titled Healthy Habits, this is an easy-to-employ teaching tool complete with lesson plans and activities. And it’s the first publication in my brand new endeavor: The Mommy Manual Series. Because the series is such an exciting and important outgrowth of my Mom Dishes It Out blog, I’ve created a new website to give readers easy access to its current and future messages. This website is where I will continuously add books like Healthy Habits plus other nutrition-oriented information.
The new site debuts today!
Here’s the link:
I hope TMMS (The Mommy Manual Series) becomes a valuable resource for you. I look forward to hearing your comments as well as your stories about feeding your own children and/or teaching them about nutrition. Please let me know what you think…

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