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Ayurvedic Cocoa Date Balls Recipe!

Ayurvedic Cocoa Date Balls Recipe!

Ayurvedic Cocoa Date Balls Recipe

Laura is currently working toward her 300-hour Juluka Yoga Training. She will be a 500-hour RYT by May 2020. Part of the training involves studying Ayurvedic health philosophy. Here is one of her favorite recipes from her training! This recipe is adapted from the book entitled Eat-Taste-Heal: An Ayurvedic Cookbook for Modern Living.


Makes 11 Balls

6 medjool dates

1/2 cup almond flour/meal

1/4 cup shredded coconut

3 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tbsp cacao nibs

2 tsp ground chia seeds

2 tsp ground cinnamon

3 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup shredded coconut (for rolling balls in)


  1. Soak dates for an hour. Remove seeds.
  2. Place all ingredients (except 1/4 cup shredded coconut for rolling) in a food processor and pulse until all ingredients are combined and coarsely ground.

3. Form a cup with one of your hands and place a small handful of the combination in the cup of your hand. Gently form a ball. Do not roll between your hands as the ball will crumble.

4. Place shredded coconut in a shallow bowl or plate. Gently roll the ball in the shredded coconut.

5. Refrigerate for at least an hour to let the balls set.

8 Week Master Class Series at the L’ifestyle Lounge

8 Week Master Class Series at the L’ifestyle Lounge

You are invited! The L’ifestyle Lounge is proud to offer a Master Class Series from September 17th through November 3rd! Come flow with us and meet Laura’s favorite expert instructors! The L’ifestyle Lounge team is thrilled for this opportunity to build and foster relationships within the community and support its yoga teachers and enthusiasts! Please feel free to share this series with your fellow yogis!

The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

-Coretta Scott King

Meet the Yogis and Sign Up!

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LifePower’s Yoga Stack and Flow On Your Own


I found Yoga just a few of years ago while I was working at Life Time Athletic in Bergen County as a Pilates Instructor. Between teaching Reformer/Chair classes, I would hop into one of the Yoga classes offered at Life Time. Having only been on a yoga mat a handful of times, I was completely changed after my first LifePower Yoga class. There was something special going on everyday inside of that yoga room and I wanted to be a part of it. I decided to enroll in Lifepower Yoga Teacher Training when it was first offered at Life Time, in 2013. I had no idea what a life changing experience it would be. I realized by my second day in that I would make this my life and that I would to bring the spirituality of the practice as well as the challenging physical aspects to as many people as possible. I am lucky enough to be teaching Flow (vinyasa), Root (yoga foundations) & Surrender (yin) classes within the LifePower Yoga community as well as co-facilitating 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. Every yoga class is an opportunity to change someone’s life. To enrich, to make connections and to encourage people to be accepting of themselves. Every day that I get to practice, I learn from my teachers and every time I teach I want to deliver the best possible experience to my students. I look forward to seeing them every day. Nothing satisfies me more than when one of my students takes the time to email, text or just give me a big sweaty hug after class. I feel completely fulfilled. My cup is overflowing with gratitude and love. I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

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How to Sequence


My love of yoga began in my late teens. It developed into a deep passion and I could no longer hold the physical and mental healing powers I experienced to myself. I immersed myself, heart first, into yoga teacher training and I haven’t looked back.


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Flowing to Support Body Positivity and All Bodies Fit


Author, Yoga Therapist, Forrest Yoga Guardian, and Master Teacher Erica Mather, M.A. is a life-long educator. She teaches people to feel better in, and about their bodies, and to view their bodies as an ally and best friend on the journey of life. Her forthcoming book Radical Body Acceptance: End the Time-Sucking, Confidence-Crushing Pursuit of Unrealistic Beauty-Standards and Start Living Your Life (New Harbinger 2020) is a 7-step spiritual journey helping women befriend their bodies and utilize them as tools and allies on their quest to live their best lives. Her Adore Your Body Transformational Programs help overcome body image challenges, and the Yoga Clinic of NYC supports students, teachers, and health professionals learn about empowered care for the body. Mather is a recognized body image expert, a Forrest Yoga lineage-holder, and was also named one of the next generations’ important yoga teachers by Yoga Journal. She writes for Mind Body Green on the topic of body image challenges, is a regular columnist for Rivertown Magazine and is a popular repeat interview on the SoulFeed Podcast, Hay House Radio’s Angel Club, and more. Mather lives in New York City.

Read more about Erica here: www.ericamather.com

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How to Teach Inversions Without the Wall



A natural-born athlete, Stacey excelled in sports as she possessed an infallible determination, dedication, devotion & discipline.  As captain of her high school & college track teams, she proved to be a consummate leader as she brought her teams to many victories. In keeping with her insatiable thirst for health and fitness, Stacey became a Registered Nurse as she continued to participate in competitive sports through triathlons.

A natural-born athlete, Stacey excelled in sports as she possessed an infallible determination, dedication, devotion & discipline.  As captain of her high school & college track teams, she proved to be a consummate leader as she brought her teams to many victories. In keeping with her insatiable thirst for health and fitness, Stacey became a Registered Nurse as she continued to participate in competitive sports through triathlons.

Stacey has three beautiful children who also participate in the practice of Yoga.

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Ashtanga: Beyond the Primary Series Part 1 on 10/15


Ashtanga: Beyond the Primary Series Part 2 on 10/22



Yoko Komiya is a Yoga Teacher, Certified Personal Trainer, and Licensed Massage Therapist. She began Ashtanga yoga practice in 2017 and found how Ashtanga yoga heals the body and calms the mind. She loves to practice LifePower yoga as well as Ashtanga yoga. Yoko graduated the LifePowerYoga teacher training in 2017 and completed David Swenson’s Ashtanga primary series teacher training in 2018. In 2019, she took Manju Jois Ashtanga yoga teacher training and Nancy Gilgoff’s workshops as well as Kino McGregor’s week-long retreats.

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Moving Meditation: Full Practice  on 10/27


Center Ring: Occupy your Sphere Pranayama and Meditation on 11/3



Phillip Askew has been teaching Yoga in New York City since 2003. He is certified E-RYT 500 and has trained extensively with Virgile Peyramaure, Teri Steele, Nevine Michaan, Dharma Mittra and Alan Finger. His classes are modern informed by tradition. Expect elements from Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Dharma & Katonah Yogas, as well as Pilates & modern handbalancing. Phillip lives and teaches in New York City & leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats worldwide.

A form of flow, a flow of forms, Phillip Askew Yoga is a structured yet creative and dynamic blend of classical poses and techniques rethought, reworked and refined through a contemporary kinesiological lens. Ancient and modern, contemporary and classical, distinct, poetic and informed, it seamlessly interweaves a multitude of lineages into a single warp and weft, a progressive emotional arc, at once invigorating and meditative, to inspire and empower those students who genuinely seek to grow their practice. Utilizing story-telling strategies, proper anatomical alignment, subtle-body cueing, pose/counter-pose dynamics and Wave Theory Sequencing, it will take you on a journey through your body and psyche and deliver you to a place of deep opening and inner strength.

Read more about Phillip here: www.phillipaskew.com

Going Camping with Project HEAL!

Going Camping with Project HEAL!

Camping with Project HEAL!

picture via theprojectheal’s twitter

by the Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services Team

Recovering from an eating disorder can take a village — family, friends, healthcare professionals, and nonprofits, all working together to save a life. One of the nonprofits doing such lifesaving work is Project HEAL, founded in 2008 by two teens — Liana Rosenman and Kristina Saffran – who have recovered from eating disorders. To date, Project HEAL has helped over 100 folks get eating disorder treatment through grants/scholarships. Resources are provided by Project HEAL’s HEALers Circle, which encompass centers such as Renfrew, CIELO House and Walden. Project HEAL’s work is vital because for so many, getting help from eating disorders is prohibitively expensive – $20,000 a month or higher.

The Project HEAL site features testimonials from folks whose lives have been changed by the generous contributions they’ve received. “The grant from Project HEAL provided me with the opportunity to receive treatment for my decade-long eating disorder,” writes Stephanie, “something I couldn’t have afforded on my own. Receiving treatment undoubtedly saved my life, gifting me with hope in a future filled with self-love and a healthy body image I never imagined was possible to achieve.” The nonprofit also offers group support and one-on-one mentorship via the Communities of HEALing program. What is so special about this program is that the mentors have had eating disorders themselves, and therefore, know firsthand what their mentees and support group members are going through. For those who just want to learn more about eating disorder recovery in general, there is a lot of information on their blog, about things like eating disorder myths, self-care, and the beauty industry.

We have personally become involved with Project HEAL by partnering with their website. You can get an Eat Kale and Cupcakes hoodie, shirt, or tank, with the knowledge that you are doing something really amazing to help people in need. The money from the merchandise goes to raise money for scholarships for eating disorder treatment, and free shipping is part of the deal! We are proud to say Project HEAL raised approximately $3800 through our items, all of which go to help the cause.

There are so many other ways to support this fantastic cause too, whether you choose to give your money or time. Volunteer, be an ambassador, social support mentor or intern, start your own chapter, donate (as little as $50 can make a difference), or attend an event. Keep an eye out for Project HEAL events across the country like Body Project Facilitator Training in Massachusetts, the Great Gatsby Gala in Denver (both March 2nd), and Camp HEAL, at the Angeles National Forest in California, September 27-29.  It will be the premier year for this camp, described as “an enrichment retreat that celebrates eating disorder recovery, body positivity, mindfulness and self-care.” It is not meant to provide treatment, but fun and inspiration to folks who need it. Workshops and activities will adhere to a “Healthy at Every Size” outlook, and will include yoga, mindfulness, writing, art,, archery, cooking, hiking, swimming, a talent show and more. Liana and Kristina will both be appearing as special guests, and some financial aid is available.

We hope you will check out this awesome organization and get involved in some way. Folks who need eating disorder help should never be denied just because they can’t afford it, and we are so happy that Project HEAL is doing their part to connect folks with that treatment and their future.







GYROKINESIS Applications for Yoga

GYROKINESIS Applications for Yoga

GYROKINESIS® Applications For Yoga Practice

The GYROKINESIS® method was created by Juliu Horvath. It is a movement method that addresses the entire body, opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion and creating functional strength through rhythmic, flowing movement sequences. Spiraling and undulating movements increase the functional capacity of the spine and create a spherical and three-dimensional awareness, resulting in total equilibrium. Exercises, synchronized with corresponding breathing patterns, enhance aerobic and cardiovascular stimulation and promote neuromyofacial rejuvenation.

GYROKINESIS classes can be adapted to fit anyone’s ability. People from all walks of life including accomplished athletes, fitness enthusiasts, senior citizens, and people recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability take GYROKINESIS classes. By the end of a GYROKINESIS session, one’s entire system is awakened and brought into greater balance. Focus on the breath stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system resulting in a sense of calm, well-being and mental clarity.

In this workshop, we will introduce basic GYROKINESIS principles and concepts while moving through seated spinal motions sequences. We will then move to the floor for a more rigorous exploration of GYROKINESIS exercises and methodology, and we will apply what we learn to improving and refining our execution of classic Yoga poses.

You can expect to experience new-found stability and satisfaction from Yoga poses like Chair Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Upward Plank Pose, Sphinx, and Locust.

Bring a yoga mat and come prepared to move!

Michelle Spinner

Michelle is the GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Master Trainer and a Senior Pilates instructor at the Kinected Center in New York City –home of the Kane School Pilates teacher training program, where she mentors teacher trainees. She is the creator and official teacher of GYROTONIC® Applications for Equestrians and GYROKINESIS® Applications for Vocal Production, and creator of the CorEquestrian™ and Vocalates™ methods. Michelle is a guest GYROKINESIS® presenter at Rancho La Puerta wellness resort and spa in Tecate, Mexico.

Michelle was a long-time student of “first generation” Pilates Master Teacher Kathleen Stanford Grant. She was certified at the Kane School, and she is one of the “pioneer” instructors certified through the Pilates Method Alliance. Experience with the Alexander technique, yoga, and Chinese internal martial arts also informs her teaching.

Injuries and chronic pain ultimately led her to the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®. The successful rehabilitation of those injuries has given Michelle deep insights and tools to help others with their challenges – plus a passion to bring joy and freedom of movement to her students. She continues to study with the system’s creator Juliu Horvath.

Michelle’s ongoing study of human anatomy and biomechanics coupled with her background as a performer give her teaching an intellectual rigor combined with creativity, intuition, and a sense of play.

16 Things You Never Knew About L’ifestyle Lounge

16 Things You Never Knew About L’ifestyle Lounge

16 Things You Never Knew About L’ifestyle Lounge


by the Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Team


If you are looking for yoga classes in New York or New Jersey, there are so many places to choose from. How do you know which one is right for you? It pays to investigate – it is your money and time, after all. To make things a little easier, my latest post is about all the things that make L’ifestyle Lounge the best choice for yoga, if you’re in Closter, NJ or thereabouts. And I’m also including some fun trivia you may not know!

1) We are a body-positive, gender/LGBTQ-inclusive, age-inclusive, body-inclusive space. Going to yoga can feel so intimidating for some. We get it. We want you to feel at ease the minute you step into our studio. We want you to love your body and we’ll never encourage you to change it. We don’t believe yoga is only for skinny, young women. We have classes for young boys and girls and their parents, for teens, for beginning yoga students, for experienced beginners, for advanced. Yoga has something to offer us all and that’s what makes it so powerful. We are also always open to suggestions so if you see a need for a certain type of class in our schedule, let us know about it!

2) We will be celebrating our second year this March. Can you believe time has gone by so fast? In March 2017, we opened our doors to the Closter, NJ yoga community and what a fun ride it has been so far! We are proud to be a studio that brings together nutrition counseling, yoga and mindfulness for a full wellness experience, and we’re just getting started.

3) You will not find mirrors in our studios. This is part of our commitment to being a place where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable.

4) We run a regular, free book club. Even if you are not taking classes with us, we encourage you to come to our club for warmth, new ideas and community. We have it every few months, and you can always see our next one on our scheduling page. This month, we are reading Beautiful Boy by Nic Scheff on January 23.

5) Our space is 1800 square feet. See some photos of it here.

6) You can drop in or join us for an entire semester. We are flexible with your schedule!

7) We recently introduced tai chi to our offerings. Find out more about tai chi in this blog post. Right now we’re in the last few weeks of our 8-week tai chi sessions with Phillip Cross, who studied with Master Randy Elia at Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy. Check our site regularly to see when we’ll be offering a new round of classes.

8) As you can probably already tell, we’re not just yoga! We also offer mindfulness classes, nutrition appointments, tai chi as mentioned, and physical therapy. We fit a lot under one roof!

9) You can purchase clothing with our philosophy – “eat kale and cupcakes.” on Project Heal, which was created so folks could have access to eating disorder treatment without money being a barrier, and also at our studio.

10) Our founder, Laura Cipullo, has written a number of books on yoga, nutrition, diabetes, and kids. Find them all here.

11) We’re very active on social media! We do daily updates on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Comment, like, follow and share!

12) We are frequently called upon for our nutrition advice in the media and to speak at events. Here is just a partial list. If you are a journalist or want to request our services for speaking, contact us at laura@lauracipullo.com.

13) We offer online resources for free, like our Mindful Meal Log and Comfort Cards. Download them here!

14) We have a regular newsletter. Fill out the subscription form when you log in to lauracipullo.com. Subscribe to stay in the know.

15) Some of our yoga classes incorporate essential oils and painting, such as Paint and Poses and EmpowerHER.

16) We’re a great spot for birthday parties! If you’re looking for a special idea for your child’s next party give yoga a try. It’s fun and will help them better deal with stress! (Kids can get stressed too.) It might even encourage a lifelong habit of yoga.

I hope you learned at least one new thing (or maybe a few new things) about our studio, and I hope you’ll join us in 2019 for yoga, mindfulness, and fun!




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