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Improve Your Lifestyle

Improve Your Lifestyle

How the L’ifestyle Lounge Can Improve Your Lifestyle


by Laura Cipullo and the Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services Team

You may have seen my recent post on the L’ifestyle Lounge, a self-care center I will soon be opening, featuring yoga, mindfulness learning, and nutrition counseling. As I mentioned, it’s a place for all ages and bodies, where one can take drop-in classes or go deeper, extending learning for an entire semester, and I’ve even made it super easy with an app for quick scheduling (more info on that to come). Now, I want to focus a little more on why the L’ifestyle Lounge is so different from other yoga/exercise/mindfulness centers, and why self-care — something at the heart of the Lounge — matters.

One thing that sets the L’ifestyle Lounge apart is my philosophy of “all bodies fit.” Do you know that feeling when you enter a yoga class and are uncomfortable because there isn’t a range of body types represented? You might not feel good about yourself and you might not feel encouraged to come back. You might vow to return when you’ve lost weight, when you are “perfect” enough to join.

We’re not about that at The L’ifestyle Lounge. The L’ifestyle Lounge is for everybody. Walking into a class and seeing others who look like you — and who don’t — is eye-opening and will show you that we are all beautiful in whatever size we come in. Furthermore, you won’t feel pressured to try a certain diet or eat a certain way. With my philosophy of “all foods fit,” you will be encouraged, rather, to have a healthy relationship with food, a major component of self-care. Self-care, at least in my opinion, isn’t about starving yourself just so you can fit the definition of what society calls “healthy.” Self-care is sometimes eating food that gives your body the nutrients it needs (hello, kale!), or eating food your body craves (hello, cupcakes!). You trust your body to tell you what is right at the moment.

Self-care, as the Mayo Clinic points out, reduces stress. It can be reading a favorite book, watching a fun movie, or taking a relaxing hot bath. Simply put, self-care is about putting yourself first so you can feel better, physically and emotionally. Self-care is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves, and yet, we often let it fall by the wayside. When we are most stressed, we say we don’t have the time for self-care, but that’s when we need it the most. Self-care may feel like a luxury, or something that won’t make a difference, or a trendy buzzword that doesn’t apply to you, but none of those are true. Self-care is vital and for everyone.

Mindfulness is part of self-care. We focus deeply on mindfulness at the L’ifestyle Lounge. Here, you are truly immersed in it, in a unique way, with a focus on the five senses, guided imagery, compassion, and kindness. Mindfulness is not just an extra service we offer — it is a major part of what we’re all about –and includes meditation. Mindfulness is part of our yoga practice but it is also just setting the time aside to practice breathing. The lounge will offer parents the opportunity to take mindfulness classes while their children take yoga class. There are two studios – one dedicated to yoga and the other other dedicated to mindfulness meditation. You can reserve a cushion!

Another thing that sets us apart is our focus on all ages. Yoga is typically seen as a young woman’s activity, but we don’t believe that, which is why we have options for children as young as 2, boys and seniors. Self-care can help everyone, so why should anyone be denied?

My L’ifestyle Lounge opens its doors January 1, 2017. It’s an appropriate day because New Year’s is when we make resolutions to change our lives. I hope you will join me on this journey to feeling better — and more self-confident — in the new year.

How Does Miley Cyrus Cope with Stress? Yoga!

How Does Miley Cyrus Cope with Stress? Yoga!

How Does Miley Cyrus Cope with Stress? Yoga!


Miley Cyrus photo courtesy Tricks Ware/Flickr

Last week, Miley Cyrus posted four videos on her Instagram account showing herself doing various yoga poses. The videos garnered a lot of interest — from thousands of likes from fans to New York Post coverage. These videos gave an inside peek into how one celebrity deals with the stress of a fast-paced life: “Gotta do yoga, not for my body but for my mind!” Miley wrote. “DO YOGA or GO CRAZY!”

That last statement is a bit extreme but Miley is on the right track. I strongly believe in the benefits of yoga for both body and mind, which is why I included it as part of my Women’s Health Body Clock Diet and why I have many yoga resources available on my older site. Yoga is an essential part of total health and the L’ifestyle.

What can yoga do for you? Its potential benefits are impressive. Yoga can help back pain, may lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety and depression.

Some folks, though, are intimidated. They think of bodies twisting into all kinds of impossible shapes and believe they could never do that. But I believe almost anyone can do yoga. Check out this article from Lenny about plus-sized yoga master Jessamyn Stanley! Size doesn’t have to dictate what you can and can’t do.

And don’t feel you have to commit to an hour the first time. As I wrote in the Women’s Health Body Clock Diet, yoga can be done “in a flash.” Kathryn Budig, author of the Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga, spoke about this concept to me in my book, saying that even 5 or 10 minutes can make a difference to both mind and body: “The trick is to set an intention each time you roll out your mat. Before you start moving, decide how you want to feel after your practice — more relaxed, energized or stronger — then keep your intention in mind as you move.”

For more tips on how to incorporate yoga in your life, and exercises to practice, I strongly suggest purchasing Women’s Health Body Clock Diet and looking for classes that target beginners. If you are not ready for a class, then rent a DVD or find online yoga that’s appropriate for your skill level. The important thing is to just begin.

It’s Finally Time to Get Your Copy!

It’s Finally Time to Get Your Copy!



I am so proud to present the opportunity to preorder my food, body and life changing book, Women’s Health Body Clock Diet!

Stay tuned for videos, downloads, twitter chats at #BodyClockDiet and more! Super Hugs to all readers!


What Happens On the Bike…

What Happens On the Bike…


What Happens On the Bike…


About three years ago, my good friend Jaime invited me to go to spin class with her. She would come over every Sunday and literally stand above my bed and ask me if I was ready. I was a mom with two very young kids, a professional career, and a husband who worked all of the time. Was I ready? Of course not! But all I had to do was throw on leggings, a tank top and sunglasses to cover the mascara smudges around my eyes from the day before! The spin studio was rather dark inside so no one would see that I hadn’t used my make-up remover. Well, what happened on that bike was more than I ever hoped might happen! Thank you, Jaime, for dragging me out of bed! Thank you, Robert, for watching the kids! And thank you, Janet, for reminding me of my own possibilities.

Once I got to class that first morning, I never looked back. Now please realize…I’m not talking about spinning right now, but rather about having the time to dream again, to set goals again, and to just feel the remarkable joy of moving in my own body. I had been in a motorcycle accident in 1996; since that time, I’d never been able to ski, run, or even wear my stilettos without severe consequences and/or extreme pain. But cycling was easier on my leg…and it gave me back “my edge.” It provided me with the opportunity—as Janet, the spin instructor advised—to set an intention on the bike for when you were literally off the bike. She didn’t talk about calories (well, maybe sometimes); instead she spoke of envisioning something you wanted to achieve and riding for that purpose. I took her every word seriously. And while on that bike, I decided that I was going to pursue my dream of writing a book.

Week after week, I went to my church (“Soul Cycle”), as Janet would say—to envision my book and sometimes to ride for a friend or family member in need of positive energy. But I have to admit that it was in Janet’s class every Sunday morning that I reminded myself that I really could do this.

I soon learned that writing a book and getting it published by a big publishing house was, in short, a seemingly backward process. Instead of writing a book and then trying to get your name and book into the public eye, I was advised by all the top editors to start a personal blog (that project eventually becameMomDishesItOut) and then to go straight to television. Many advised me to skip writing a book altogether, but a book was important to me—a stepping stone in my career, something I personally wanted to do, and something I really wanted to accomplish for my mom. So I decided to take the route of working in the media while trying to write the book too. But my time was limited, and after six months of media appearances, I received my first offer to write a book. This was not necessarily my dream book, but then again, I’d never specified which book I wanted to write while I spent all those Sundays spinning away! The book’s subject was, however, close to my heart because it was about diabetes. You see, all the men in my family have diabetes. Each had helped me in my career. Whether it was letting me come along on their appointments with dietitians or introducing me to their doctors, it was meaningful to me. So, this book could, and would, be my tribute to all of them.

In the fall of 2013, what happened on that bike actually became my reality. Rodale published my first book, The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook, authored by me and the editors of Prevention Magazine. And then, just one month later, I self-published my second book, Healthy Habits: 8 Essential Nutrition Lessons Every Parent and Educator Needs. I dedicated my first book to my family members with diabetes and, of course, to my mother. My second book is not dedicated to anyone specifically; rather, it’s for every person with great hope that each will one day create a positive relationship with eating and a neutral relationship with food. It’s for my children, my clients, and all the parents out there who receive mixed messages on nutrition. This is the book that focuses on self-care and nutrient density, not weight loss and what you can’t have. It’s sort of like spinning. I spin to take care of myself and set goals rather than to lose weight or punish myself for eating a holiday dinner.

Photo Credit: rachel a. k. via Compfight cc

So find your vehicle—whether it’s a spin bike or a yoga mat or even a pew in your own spiritual temple. Set your intentions for 2015. And then let us know what happens! And again, thank you Jaime, Robert and Janet.

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