Making Sense of Celery

The latest fad diet trend is drinking celery juice. You’ve probably seen articles online, pictures on Instagram, and the green juice stocked on the shelves of grocery stores. Celery juice is so popular that according to, its demand has caused the price of a carton of celery to increase drastically, about 7x the price compared to last year.

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Looking at the Keto Diet

It’s a new year and, naturally, there’s a “new” diet that leads many of us to question our food choices and lifestyle. More recently, I have observed a strong attraction to the ketogenic diet. The advertisement stands outside of GNC have changed from Paleo-supplements to Ketogenic versions, the grocery store is quickly stocking more fat-friendly, carbohydrate-free products marketed to sell overnight, and the promises of weight loss and super-charged energy that come with a ketogenic diet seem to be going viral.

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