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Join us for the L’ifestyle Lounge’s First Book Club!

Join us for the L’ifestyle Lounge’s First Book Club!


Moving Mountains:

From the Depths of Binge Eating Disorder

to the Top of Mount Kilimanjaro at 300 Pounds

  • Do you ever wonder what it feels like to live in a larger body?
  • Have you ever fat shamed a stranger or perhaps a family member?
  • Do you think your weight is representative of your health status?
  • Have you ever summited a mountain with an elevation of 18,000 ft?


You re invited to the L’ifestyle Lounge this April 19, 2018 from 7 pm to 9 pm to hear three time author and speaker, Kara Richardson Whitely of Summit, NJ. Kara will speak about her second book, Gorge, specifically her experience climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro three times at the weight of 300 pounds. Gorge not only lets the reader experience the climb, but it helps you understand Kara’s journey living in a larger body and her relationship with food, specifically Binge Eating Disorder which is the fastest-growing eating disorder in the country.

Her book, Gorge, is the Lifestyle Lounge’s first-ever chosen book for the first-ever L’ifestyle book club event.  Please purchase the book online here and read before meeting Kara and new friendsRegister for our book club to listen, learn and discuss Gorge with Kara. It will be a life changing evening. And think about pre-ordering her third book, Weight of Being before it hits the shelves this July 2018.

Come build a wellness community by creating conversation and learning about body positivity, preventing and treating eating disorders with the L’ifestyle Lounges‘s first ever L’ifestyle Book Club event on April 19th, 2018. There is no formal commitment to this club. This evening is open to all individuals. This event is free and open to all, thanks to Eating Recovery Center (www.eatingrecoverycenter.com) and the L’ifestyle Lounge. 

Click here to secure your seat!

Sponsored by Eating Recovery Center and L’ifestyle Lounge

www.eatingrecoverycenter.com and www.lauracipullo.com



NOURISH 5 Week Program

NOURISH 5 Week Program

The Five Pillars

of Positive Nutrition

5 Weeks of Nutrition and Yoga

Join Registered Dietitians and Registered Yoga Teachers:

Elyssa Toomey, RD, RYT and Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD, RYT at the L’ifestyle Lounge in Closter, NJ for five weeks and L’earn how to:

 “Eat Kale and Cupcakes!”



  •  1 hour of yoga (beginners welcome) followed by 30 minutes of nutrition education, Q&A and support.
  • Each week learn one of the pillars to Positive Nutrition founded in Laura Cipullo’s third book and best seller, Women’s Health and Body Clock Diet (Rodale, 2015).

Nutrition Education will specifically focus on the Five Pillars to Positive Nutrition


Register here: http://bit.ly/2oobNg6

END YO-YO Dieting with best selling author and RD’s!

Learn to Live the L’ifestyle in just 5 weeks with yoga and nutrition.

Pay $225.00  – one fee for all five weeks. Class will be held for five consecutive Wednesdays 7:15pm to 9 pm starting May 17, 2017.


The Five Pillars of Positive Nutrition:

Adopt an All Foods Fit Philosophy

Use Neutral Food Language

Be An Honorable Eater

Don’t Treat Yourself Like a Dog

Love Fat; It’s Not Your Foe




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