Project Heal NJ Chapter Event

Mindful Eating Friday Oct 26 th 7pm.

Join the New Jersey Chapter of Project Heal for an evening centered around mindfulness. This event is open to all individuals working on their recovery from an eating disorder or sustaining recovery from an eating disorder.
Laura Cipullo, founder of L’ifestyle Lounge will lead you through a gentle yoga experience that will flow into a mindful eating experience. Please bring food or a snack for this experience. Mindful eating experiences work well with crackers, M&M’s, and dried fruit. If you are ready for a snack with us, please bring a snack such as pretzels and hummus or cookies and milk. It is your choice. There is no judgement around this.
If you like this event, please let us know if you would like to join monthly. There is a requested donation of $20.00. Please make checks out to Project Heal.

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