Oh So Trendy!

MDIO’s Take on 2015 Trends
At the end of 2013 we featured a post on the predicted trends of 2014. As 2014 comes to a close, we wanted to do the same for 2015! Here are some predicted trends for 2015. Let us know in the comments section below what you think will be a new trend this year!
The gluten-free lifestyle rose to popularity in 2014, and experts predict it will continue to do so in 2015. In fact, dietitians predict that gluten-free food labels will continue to influence consumer choices this year, along with GMO-free, clean eating, and organic food labels.

Meal Delivery Boxes
2014 was the year of mail subscription boxes. Companies like NatureBox and Birchbox offer a random sampling of food and beauty products in monthly subscription boxes. For loyal customers, these companies offer discounts on full-sized products and even allow you to share a free box with a friend. We’re fans of these boxes, but we think there may be a new trend come 2015: meal delivery boxes. With companies like Blue Apron and Plated, we love the ease and convenience these boxes offer. Each box comes with a recipe and the most of the necessary ingredients to prepare a wonderful meal for weeknight dinners. We can’t wait to continue using these great services!
We think that many people would agree that fitness classes are the new exercise craze. Some may even predict that these classes will become more popular than the traditional gym visit. We can see why classes are so popular, exercising in a room full of strangers can be a great motivating factor when exercising. Not to mention, the energetic class instructors who cheer you on as you work towards your fitness goals! Self Magazine has touted boxing classes as the “It” fitness trend of 2015, though we think that cycling, yoga, and pilates will continue to remain popular this year.
Bone Broth
New beverages and drinks, such as green juices proved to be extremely popular in 2014.  The editors at Well + Good anticipate that one of the big trends of 2015 will be an ancient remedy known as bone broth.  But, what exactly is bone broth? It is broth made from bones. The bones are boiled to release the main components of the bone: calcium, phosphate, and collagen. We love the health benefits of bone broth, which include improved immune function, shinier hair, and stronger bones and joints. It’s clear to us why shops are already popping up to serve bone broth around the city. Be sure to be on the lookout for this ancient remedy in 2015, we have a feeling it will become quite the trend!
Photo Credit: madlyinlovewithlife via Compfight cc
Juices and Smoothies
2014 proved to us that staying healthy on the go was doable.  With shops such as Liquiteria and Juice Generation, healthy juices and smoothies are easy, on-the-go ways to continue a nutritious lifestyle.  If you prefer to make smoothies and juices at home, try blenders such as Vitamix and Nutribullet, which are easy to use and much easier on your wallet. Just keep in mind that the Mom Dishes It Out team prefer to make juices and smoothies an addition to our daily diets, we don’t recommend, nor do we endorse them as meal replacements.

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