New Feeding and Eating Group

Spend Friday morning learning to the live the L’ifestyle with Adina and Laura. Flow right into your weekend recharged, reset and ready.


First, sign up for our 9:30 am Friday yoga with Adina, a one hour practice followed by a 10:30 am mindfulness class known as Progressive Relaxation.  Tense and relax your muscles for 45 minutes until you are completely de- stressed and feel revived.

Stay still on your mat and start the conversation. Four-time author, RD, CDE, CEDRD and founder of L’ifestyle Lounge will join you every Friday to facilitate a discussion about feeding your family and yourself. This group is an outlet for moms and or dads to talk about food, nutrition and body image as it relates to raising children to have a positive relationship with food and body.

This group is free if you have taken yoga or progressive relaxation the same morning at our center. Door Cost: 20.00 (or 170.00 for ten pack).

Shop books by Laura to tune in to the power of positive nutrition.