At Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition + Yoga, we support clients through nutrition sessions and our new online yoga studio (formerly the L’ifestyle Lounge in Closter, NJ). We apply a yogic philosophy founded on the Yamas and the Niyamas and a positive nutrition approach using Laura Cipullo’s Five Pillars to Positive Nutrition:


    1. Adopt an All Foods Fit Mentality
    2. Use neutral food language
    3. Be an honorable eater
    4. Don’t “treat” yourself like a dog
    5. Love fat, it is not your foe


Laura Cipullo, CEDRD, 500 HR RYT founded the L’ifestyle Lounge in March 2017 and to provide an environment free from fad diet talk, body comparisons and goal setting, and began offering L’ifestyle Yoga classes. At the onset of COVID-19, the Lounge transitioned to telehealth nutrition services, as well as outdoor yoga classes and free On-Demand yoga classes.


We aim to empower, build self-awareness and self-compassion through intention-setting. Breath-work and positive self-talk are two tools we encourage clients to use on and off the yoga mat. Our goal is help you move towards a positive relationship with eating and a neutral relationship with food and body. We expect each individual to be at their own level of readiness and respect the client’s right to move through their journey at their own pace. We will help you on your journey to recovery from an eating disorder, cancer or just getting through each day in a safer, supportive, and inclusive environment.

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