Meditate with Sofia Adler

Meditate with Sofia Adler

Sofia Adler is a Teachers College, Columbia University trained Mindset and Mindfulness coach who empowers you to honor your truth and navigate change with clarity, confidence and ease. She helps her clients tap into who they really are using mindfulness and mindset work so they can avoid the myriad of “shoulds” or advice out there in the world and intentionally create the life they’ve always wanted. She also teaches mindfulness meditation for individuals and companies, including SoulCycle, WeWork, Glossier, Atlantic Records and Bombas.

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  • Mindfulness Meditation Group Coaching Program: Create space for yourself with the support of likeminded individuals in this weekly Mindfulness Meditation Group Coaching Program. Learn about mindfulness, how to meditate and how to apply these practices to your daily life. Each session is 60 minutes long with space for comments, observations, questions and a guided meditation. Sessions are held via video call (zoom).
  • Mindfulness + Meditation Workshop: This is an introductory, 2-hour workshop on the benefits of mindfulness, mindfulness meditation and how to apply these practices to your daily life. The workshop will include a mix of reflective and interpersonal exercises to help participants not only understand the benefits of mindfulness from a cognitive level but also allow them to experience the benefits of mindfulness and meditation firsthand.
  • Private Meditation Instruction: Learn how to meditate, develop a consistent practice, inquire about your own meditation experiences and receive private, guided instruction in a safe, intimate and personalized setting. This is a great option for those curious about how to apply meditation principles and practices to your daily life, feeling isolated or confused in your practice, or looking for accountability.

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