Like Thai Massage But It’s Not.

New Class Alert!!!


Physical Therapist Assisted Stretch Class – 1 Instructor and 1-3 clients!

The Lounge now offers a small group stretch class (3 people per class) as well as One-on-One personalized stretching services for posture correction, performance enhancement and injury prevention. The class incorporates different stretching modalities including manual therapy and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation known as PNF. Depending on your preferred workout regimen, you can stretch before or after your activity. Class is limited to 3 individuals at $45.00 per person to allow for individual attention for each stretch. 

The benefits of stretching includes increased muscle flexibility, joint mobility, and improved performance without risk of injury. In addition to the physiological benefits, consistent stretching may offer a reduction in stress, improved sleeping patterns and an increase in muscle relaxation. The Lounge recognizes the need for a Physical Therapist to formulate and guide the Practitioner Assisted Stretch class.  

Our PT Yogi is Elaine Waksman from NYC! She is a licensed Physical Therapist and yoga instructor who has been healing individuals with pain related issues for 20 years. Her philosophy and practice are based on her compassion for  helping others achieve their wellness goals through manual therapy. Elaine has alleviated pain and  suffering from injury.  return to their pre-injury status, stronger and more educated about their bodies than ever before. Sign up now and we can almost promise you feel like you just had a massage!

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