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Calling all foodies, nutrition activists and charitable ladies with “fooditude!” Make health fashionable. Wear our tanks and totes sharing the message of 100 percent wellness. Our healthy apparel aims to raise awareness of the Positive Nutrition philosophy encompassing All Foods Fit—yes, even cupcakes can be included in a healthy diet. This is the no-guilt zone. Rather eat to feel well and in accordance with your individual body. Hence, our motto “Eat Kale and Cupcakes!”

Laura’s Style is the L’ifestyle. Laura shares favorite finds from food products to beauty products and even furniture. L’ifestyle picks are fun to peruse, shop, and share with your friends. Laura loves brands that focus on sustainable farming, whether it be food or furniture. Whether you are on a mission to be healthy in your mind/body or your house, this is the place to find your next purchase.


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