Another word for mindful is aware. Being mindful or self-aware is of utmost importance when changing your relationship with food and body. It may be something as simple as taking a breath before your meal or learning to eat using the five senses. It can be awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Being mindful also includes meditation, whether it be for one minute or twenty. Mindfulness helps with portion management, eating all foods—even cupcakes. Incorporating a mindful lifestyle is beneficial and accessible.

In March, 2017, Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services of NYC opened a L’ifestyle Lounge in NJ to give you a second safe space to learn and practice self care. The L’ifestyle Lounge offers yoga, mindfulness and nutrition sessions. This is a weight neutral space, free of fad diet talk and accepting of all body types and ages. We welcome diversity and embrace differences. This is your new self-care studio where you will build a foundation on compassion and inner strength. You will learn how to use your best coping tool – the breath and of course, have time for just you. Melt away your worries and chillax with us:

Mindfulness Services at the L’ifestyle Lounge

Reserve a cushion/mat/chair and just chill. Join our 45 minute mindfulness meditations. Mindfulness can decrease your counter regulatory hormones such as cortisol and epinephrine. Turn off the outside world and tune in to your breath. 

This is about you and you only.

Intro to Mindfulness

Join L’ifestyle Lounge founder and author Laura Cipullo, RD, CEDRD, RYT for a 10-week introduction to mindfulness. Each week will be themed around yoga’s ethical disciplines (Yamas) and observances (Niyamas) to develop a fundamental path towards being “in the moment” each moment in a meaningful way. More than just being present but truly enjoying the experience of living your life!

Expect movement suitable for every body along with discussion and varied meditations. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. An excellent series for those who would like to go a bit beyond the poses of yoga.

Saturday at 11:30am

Open Meditation

Ages 16 through Adult

This meditation class is for everyone, beginners to more experienced practitioners.  Each month there will be a new theme where we will explore different types of meditation and breathing techniques.  Perfect for a beginner or seasoned practitioner who is looking to build community and connection.  The goal of this class is for participants to walk away with a foundation in which they can use to build their own home mediation practice.  This class helps support individuals in exploring and discovering meditation styles that prompt optimal wellness, happiness and tranquility. 

Wednesdays at 7 pm 

Below classes are offered in the group setting and private sessions as well. 

Letting Go

Ages 16 through Adult

Let go of your stress – envision your worries on a leaf, floating down the river. Close your eyes and inhale inner peace, because this is what this session will do for you. This is you practicing self-care!


Ages 16 through Adult

Compassion and kindness will change your life and the lives of those around you. Let our facilitator walk you through a breathing exercise, guided imagery and even silence. This time is meant for you to unwind, and get a sense of clarity so that you can leave your cushion fresh and ready to embrace each moment of the day.

Progressive Relaxation

Ages 16 through Adult

This class teaches a two step-process that starts by having you tense your muscles and then relax them, while you observe the difference between the two. Potential benefits are diminished anxiety and heightened awareness of physical sensations. This technique is useful for people who have a hard time releasing emotional stress that manifests itself physically.

Sound Bath

Ages 16 through Adult

This class is an immersive experience using soothing sounds and vibrational energy to deliver deep relaxation as a form of meditation.

Mindfulness classes will continuously be added to the schedule.

Check back or email the L’ifestyle Lounge.

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