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Stacy Accardo
Vanisha Balani, CHHC, RYT​
Vas Cialdella​
Philip Cross​
Susan Ferreri
Meagan Janson
Baily Laitin, MHC-LP, RYT​
Elaine Waksman​
Jennifer Ciongoli
Krishna Venkatesh
Stacy Accardo

About Stacey…

A natural born athlete, Stacey excelled in sports as she possessed an infallible determination, dedication, devotion & discipline.  As captain of her high school & college track teams, she proved to be a consummate leader as she brought her teams to many victories. In keeping with her insatiable thirst for health and fitness, Stacey became a Registered Nurse as she continued to participate in competitive sports through triathlons.

A natural born athlete, Stacey excelled in sports as she possessed an infallible determination, dedication, devotion & discipline.  As captain of her high school & college track teams, she proved to be a consummate leader as she brought her teams to many victories. In keeping with her insatiable thirst for health and fitness, Stacey became a Registered Nurse as she continued to participate in competitive sports through triathlons.

Stacey has three beautiful children who also participate in the practice of Yoga.

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Vanisha Balani, CHHC, RYT​

About Vanisha…

Vanisha Balani is a Certified Ayurvedic Holistic Practitioner and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). She received her certifications from Ayurveda’s World in NYC and the Sivananda Vedanta Ashram in Woodbourne, NY.

Before making the shift to Ayurveda and Yoga, Vanisha had a career in Finance & Accounting for close to 16 years which spanned the globe in cities such as Zurich, Switzerland and Manila, Philippines along with the NYC metro area. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Finance, International Business & Economics from Babson College in Wellesley, MA and her MBA in Finance from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, NJ.

Vanisha’s passion for Ayurveda was ignited when she developed digestive issues and was unable to find comfort with traditional medicine.  She turned to Ayurveda in order to heal herself and upon seeing significant results, she took on a mission to educate and assist others in preventing and treating medical ailments such as high blood pressure, acidity and cancer.

Vas Cialdella​

About Vas…

My love of yoga began in my late teens. It developed into a deep passion and I could no longer hold the physical and mental healing powers I experienced to myself. I immersed myself, heart first, into yoga teacher training and I haven’t looked back!

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Philip Cross​

About Phillip…

Philip studies under Master Randy Elia at Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy. He is trained in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as well as Yi Gun Gin. He has taught many successful programs at Blauvelt Library, Nanuet Community Education and Orangeburg Library as well as private lessons.

Philip is inspired by how Tai Chi can improve health, longevity and happiness! It is his intention to motivate his students to better health.

His philosophy is simple yet essential to our being and spirit… Movement is Life!

My Tai Chi program is a gentle low impact workout which begins with gentle stretching and increases energy. It then incorporates the 12 classical tendon exchange exercises which promotes strength to tendons and bones. Finally, we end with the Tai Chi Long Form which integrates mind and body by creating balance and a healthy immune system. This class also decreases stress, improves posture and helps slow down the aging process.

It is suitable for all age groups.

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Susan Ferreri

About Susan…

Susan Ferreri is a former collegiate athlete and current mother of two who followed her heart and transitioned from a Manhattan business leader to passionate yoga teacher. Susan instructs a variety of yoga classes including prenatal and post-natal, elementary, and open level classes. A self-described yogi, Susan constantly works to incorporate her passion for mindfulness and health.

If you are new to Yoga or want to enhance your practice, Susan is the compassionate coach you are looking for. Follow Susan on instagram @susanferreriyoga

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Meagan Janson

About Meagan…

Meagan fell in love with yoga when her husband, then boyfriend, took her to her first class eight years ago. She dove right in and in 2011 earned her 200 RYT certification through Bamboo Moves Yoga in Englewood, New Jersey. 

She has always loved kids so it was only natural for her to earn her certification to teach children’s yoga. She achieved this through Karma Kids in New York City where she also completed a Yoga in the Preschool Classroom training. Meagan hopes that all of her students walk away from her classes feeling confident and with tools they can use to self regulate their emotions. Meagan’s approach to teaching is compassionate, playful, and always creative.

When Meagan is not practicing or teaching yoga she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, connecting with nature, ice skating, and watching her 5 year old Irish dance. 

She also earned her certification to teach prenatal yoga from The Prenatal Yoga Center in New York City and postnatal yoga for mothers and babies through Baby Om in Brooklyn. 

Prior to teaching yoga, Meagan worked with children with Autism and plans on studying yoga for special needs children in the near future.

Favorite Poses: Reclined Spinal Twist, Half Moon, Child’s Pose. 

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Baily Laitin, MHC-LP, RYT​

About Baily…

Baily believes that the practice of yoga can truly transcend the mat.  Baily has embraced movement as a means of self expression since she was young, growing up dancing in local studios and eventually studying dance at a collegiate level, receiving a BA in dual degrees in Dance and Psychology.

Shortly after, she completed her Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Fordham University, and currently works full time as a Mental Health Counselor at the Renfrew Center for Eating Disorder Treatment in NYC.

Baily reconnected with yoga while in graduate school and found that there was a profound connection between yoga and her therapeutic work. She successfully completed her 200-RYT program through Juluka Yoga in Hillsdale, NJ. In her classes you can expect to gain a deeper sense of the connection between the mind and the body by exploring asana and pranayama practice. Her movement background and foundation in psychotherapy allows for exploration of mindful movement throughout the practice of yoga.

Her goal is to cultivate a space for awareness and acceptance among her students, and to generate an atmosphere to grant permission to feel and to move freely. She is very passionate about addressing the unique differences among her students and believes that yoga is for anybody. Follow Baily on instagram @mindtothemat


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Elaine Waksman​
About Elaine…

Elaine Waksman is a licensed Physical Therapist who has been healing individuals with pain related issues for 20 years. Her philosophy and practice is based on her compassion for people and passion for helping others achieve their goals. She has helped many people suffering from pain and injury return to their pre-injury status, stronger and more educated about their bodies than ever before.

She currently teaches small group Practitioner Assisted Stretch Classes and Yoga for Pain Relief  at Lifestyle Lounge, and is a Certified Yoga Instructor.

When she is not teaching class or treating private clients, Elaine is practicing yoga on her mat or hiking.

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Jennifer Ciongoli

Jennifer Ciongoli began her Yoga journey in 1999. After taking her first Yoga lesson there was an instant mind~body connection to the health benefits of regular Yoga practice. Jennifer’s Yoga mat became a place for quiet transformation, a sacred place for release & acceptance of self. As her practice grew, Jennifer soon found the benefits moving off the mat & into her everyday movements. 

Driven by the healing benefits, Jennifer received her certification in 2001 through The Sivananda Vendata Centre, Nassau Bahamas. 

In & out of class she encourages Positive Thinking & Experiencing Self Acceptance. A true believer in the power of reconnecting the breath to the movement of the body ~ creating a Moving Meditation of Asanas. Jennifer offers practical instruction & compassionate guidance, welcoming all to experience increased Concentration, Confidence & Relaxation 

Krishna Venkatesh

 Krishna is a passionate yoga instructor who pours
his talent and experience in music with the practice
of yoga. Prior to finding yoga, Krishna led a successful international music career that spanned over 28 years. In that time, Krishna performed with multiple bands, composed music for television and film. He also created the soundtrack to yoga documentary feature film “ENLIGHTEN UP – A Skeptic’s Journey into the World of Yoga” and has worked with David Durga Das Newman, Herbie Hancock, Joe Strummer and the Blue Man Group.

As his music career accelerated, Krishna began his yoga journey in 2008 after unbearable pain from a back injury led him to an Iyengar Yoga Restorative class. His injury subsided after several months as his love for yoga grew. Krishna then explored Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Viniyoga style yoga. Krishna’s search led him to Charlotte Chandler Stone at the Stone Center for Yoga & Health, a therapeutic and highly adaptive yoga studio, which helped him fully heal his back and see yoga – and life – in a new light. Krishna successfully completed the Stone Yoga Teacher Training in February 2012 (ERYT 200-hour) and has been teaching ever since.

With a focus on precise yet adaptive alignment, pranayama, and above all, safety, Krishna believes in teaching to the individual student. He offers a unique perspective through inspirational Dharma talks combining yogic philosophy with the poetry of music. Krishna’s playful vinyasa sequences and musical accompaniments are selected to support and continue the theme of the class. He leads workshops and special events that feature musical themes and genres such as Soul Food VinyasaTM which infuses R&B and Funk music from the 70s with mixed level practice. Krishna also teaches both group and private classes throughout Northern New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

Krishna has additional experience in therapeutic yoga with special needs populations. He works with Alzheimer’s patients and with Autistic children at Alpine Learning Group- Paramus, NJ and IEA Institute, New Milford, NJ, both of which are nationally recognized leaders in education for individuals with Autism.

Krishna is eternally grateful to his teachers, having studied and/or taken workshops with: Charlotte Chandler Stone (Stone Yoga), Colleen Briscoe (Iyengar Yoga), Raji Thron (Yoga Synthesis), Senior Iyengar teacher Sri Arun, Sharon Fruchtman-Laffey (Ashtanga Yoga), Ashtanga master teacher Tim Miller and Sheryl Edsall (Naturally Yoga).

“I see sequences and asana as chords.” – Krishna Venkatesh

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