L’ifestyle Lounge Goes Skin Safe!

I’m so happy to announce I am now a representative of an amazing company that is really shaking up the beauty industry. It’s is called Beautycounter and I love what this company’s mission is: To get safe products into the hands of everyone. Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into your body and should only include the safest ingredients too. That’s why I have been looking for safer products my myself and my family and I can’t wait for you to check them out too.
Beautycounter is an LA-based company that launched in March of 2013.  There are some shocking statistics surrounding the personal care market which prompted CEO (and mom of three) Gregg Renfrew to create a line with complete transparency and create a movement to change the laws with the hope that one day we won’t have to read labels to ensure we are using safe products.  Here are a few important statistics:
  • In the U.S., a major Federal law has not been passed since 1938 governing the cosmetics industry.  Think of how many more chemicals have been introduced to the marketplace since then!
  • There are thousands of ingredients known and proven to be harmful to our health that are still allowed in the products developed in the U.S.  The E.U. has banned more than 1,400 ingredients.  The U.S. has only banned 30.
  • 80% of ingredients in U.S. products have never been tested for safety.
Beautycounter products are developed in accordance with the most comprehensive screening process in the industry.  When we develop a product, we begin by eliminating the more than 1,400 EU-banned ingredients, the 30 US-banned ingredients and those ingredients on our Never List (see attached).  From there, we only include ingredients that are safe, effective and necessary.  In addition, Beautycounter’s quality and performance rival the most luxurious brands you can find thanks to our Head of Innovation and Celebrity Make-up artist Christy Coleman. We are just as committed to performance as we are to safety and the incredible press we have received confirms this.
For more information on the product line please visit my website at www.beautycounter.com/lauracipullo  Not only will you find descriptions of our products, but tons of great information on all things healthy from our The Asterisk Blog.
Contact me for more information or to see the products in person. You will love them! Thanks and have a great day!

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