Improve Your Lifestyle

You may have seen my recent post on the L’ifestyle Lounge, a self-care center I will soon be opening, featuring yoga, mindfulness learning, and nutrition counseling. As I mentioned, it’s a place for all ages and bodies, where one can take drop-in classes or go deeper, extending learning for an entire semester, and I’ve even made it super easy with an app for quick scheduling (more info on that to come). Now, I want to focus a little more on why the L’ifestyle Lounge is so different from other yoga/exercise/mindfulness centers, and why self-care — something at the heart of the Lounge — matters.

One thing that sets the L’ifestyle Lounge apart is my philosophy of “all bodies fit.” Do you know that feeling when you enter a yoga class and are uncomfortable because there isn’t a range of body types represented? You might not feel good about yourself and you might not feel encouraged to come back. You might vow to return when you’ve lost weight, when you are “perfect” enough to join.

We’re not about that at The L’ifestyle Lounge. The L’ifestyle Lounge is for everybody. Walking into a class and seeing others who look like you — and who don’t — is eye-opening and will show you that we are all beautiful in whatever size we come in. Furthermore, you won’t feel pressured to try a certain diet or eat a certain way. With my philosophy of “all foods fit,” you will be encouraged, rather, to have a healthy relationship with food, a major component of self-care. Self-care, at least in my opinion, isn’t about starving yourself just so you can fit the definition of what society calls “healthy.” Self-care is sometimes eating food that gives your body the nutrients it needs (hello, kale!), or eating food your body craves (hello, cupcakes!). You trust your body to tell you what is right at the moment.

Self-care, as the Mayo Clinic points out, reduces stress. It can be reading a favorite book, watching a fun movie, or taking a relaxing hot bath. Simply put, self-care is about putting yourself first so you can feel better, physically and emotionally. Self-care is one of the most important gifts we can give ourselves, and yet, we often let it fall by the wayside. When we are most stressed, we say we don’t have the time for self-care, but that’s when we need it the most. Self-care may feel like a luxury, or something that won’t make a difference, or a trendy buzzword that doesn’t apply to you, but none of those are true. Self-care is vital and for everyone.

Mindfulness is part of self-care. We focus deeply on mindfulness at the L’ifestyle Lounge. Here, you are truly immersed in it, in a unique way, with a focus on the five senses, guided imagery, compassion, and kindness. Mindfulness is not just an extra service we offer — it is a major part of what we’re all about –and includes meditation. Mindfulness is part of our yoga practice but it is also just setting the time aside to practice breathing. The lounge will offer parents the opportunity to take mindfulness classes while their children take yoga class. There are two studios – one dedicated to yoga and the other other dedicated to mindfulness meditation. You can reserve a cushion!

Another thing that sets us apart is our focus on all ages. Yoga is typically seen as a young woman’s activity, but we don’t believe that, which is why we have options for children as young as 2, boys and seniors. Self-care can help everyone, so why should anyone be denied?

My L’ifestyle Lounge opens its doors January 1, 2017. It’s an appropriate day because New Year’s is when we make resolutions to change our lives. I hope you will join me on this journey to feeling better — and more self-confident — in the new year.

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