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Learn How to Satisfy and Satiate Yourself!

Fun, delicious and mindful. Join us to eat mindfully, using your five senses, and discover how to eat all foods while not gaining weight at one or multiple Supper Club dinners. This dinner group is ideal for overcoming overeating, decreasing speed and learning the “non-diet” approach to the ALL FOODS FIT model. Join your registered dietitian for a meal at a favorite restaurant. Dinner will have never tasted so good! This group is for both men and women.

Contact Laura and team at or call 917-572-7137 to discuss, enroll or join the waiting list.

Policy Reminder: Weekly clients with a regular appointment time must adhere to a one-week advance notice of cancellation. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for new and less frequent clients. Please call to cancel appointments. No texting or emails. Mindful Meal Support Therapy must be paid on the first of the month. There is no cancellation permitted for MST with the exception of one appointment per six weeks given six weeks’ advance notice.

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