Did you know weight-cycling and yo-­yo dieting are more harmful than maintaining a higher weight? The body mass index (BMI) is not an accurate measure of your health or your worth. Whether you are confused by the weight-loss industry’s messaging, trying to get pregnant, or tired of your bloated belly, Laura Cipullo and her team of RDs understand and have your back.


We are down-to-earth, savvy NYC women endorsing positive nutrition and exercise as a L’ifestyle. To start, we assess your level of readiness and make nutrition recommendations that are personal, achievable and even enjoyable.


Stop the deprivation and learn how to eat all foods consistent with your body’s needs. We do not promote short-term fixes or fad diets. We will help you redefine “diet.” We’ll help you attain your best level of health, regardless of your weight.


Join us on the mission to define diet as it was originally coined—“habitual nourishment.” Enlisting Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition + Yoga is a step toward a total wellness transformation. Your soon-to-be new relationship with food, body and mind will be shaped by both science and compassion.

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