Somehow food has become the enemy. Food and body thoughts consume your daily thoughts. Food is no longer about being healthy and balanced; rather it’s about numbers, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Food is either yours to perfect or yours to be comforted by. We know it is all consuming and overwhelming no matter how acute your personal situation is. You are worthy and you deserve to have a better quality of life. Here at Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition + Yoga, we believe full recovery is possible. Let us help you transform your relationship with food, body, and, of course, mind.


With the expertise of our dietitians, you will learn how to eat and what to eat. Most people were never taught to eat “correctly” in the first place, so we strongly believe in the need for a dietitian to help create a safe meal structure to help your mind and body reacclimatize to regular balanced meals. The goal is to ignite the metabolism and your internal hunger fullness cues. Be aware, this all takes time. Eating small balanced meals are essential to overcoming deprivation and preventing binging.


The registered dietitians here are more than nutrition educators. When you enlist in our services, you gain a support system, a buddy, and a role model. If helpful, we eat with you in the office or at a restaurant. If food shopping is overwhelming, we do it together. You are not alone in this process.


And when you are ready, you will learn how to mindfully eat all foods. Yes, we do believe all foods fit. “Eat kale and cupcakes™” is our motto! Nutrition sessions are all-encompassing and individualized to meet you where you’re at! Stop weighing your worth on the scale and start living a life true to your authentic self. Make friends with foods. Recover from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, and/or ARFID.

Mindful Meal Support Therapy

Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition + Yoga offers meal support groups and cooking lessons providing our clients with both social support and hands on experience in a real world dining setting under the supervision of our RDs.

Clients working on eating disorder recovery have the opportunity to have a balanced meal in a NYC restaurant or virtually. Clients begin the experience with a mindfulness practice led by the RD. The meal is social but supportive. After the meal, there is time to process and get support for feelings and thoughts. The session is ideal for learning adequate meal portions, discovering triggering and/or challenging foods, conquering fears associated with eating out, and verbalizing feelings associated with being full.


Past restaurants eaten at include but are not limited to Sarabeth’s, Saigon Market, Meatball Shop, Second Avenue Deli, Prime Ko, Grano Trattoria, Whole Foods, Delicatessen, Mighty Quinn’s, Spice, Grey Dog Café, Rosa Mexicana, The Smith, Risottoria, and Mesa Grill.


Contact us to see if you are eligible; an initial evaluation is required to determine if participants are appropriate for the meal group and to assist the RD in supporting each client’s challenges and goals.

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