Living with diabetes is a blessing in disguise. I know you may roll your eyes and say we don’t understand the challenges that diabetes brings to the table, but we do. It is a blessing because whether you have diabetes or not, learning how and what to eat is paramount to our health, regardless of diagnosis. With the guidance of our dietitians, you learn that kale and cupcakes are both part of the All Foods Fit philosophy.


Yes, you can still eat cupcakes while lowering your blood sugar. The body absorbs sugar with the help of insulin. If you moderate the amount of sugar (aka carbs) at each meal and combine it with other foods containing proteins and/or fats, such as nuts, your blood sugar level will only increase slightly and slowly after meals. Hence you will require less insulin and have a happier and healthier body.


We are all about lifestyle, so if you eat one meal a day, we work with you at your level of readiness and your reality. If you hate exercising, don’t worry. Exercise is just moving. You know how to move, and when you are ready we will teach how and when to move more in order to manage your blood sugar and keep your heart as healthy as possible.


Please feel free to bring your partner, your friend, or a parent to your first session. The more ears, the better. Come for one session to educate yourself or come for many to transform living with diabetes to living life to the fullest. For the best care possible and true medical nutrition therapy, bring your labs to your first session. Our dietitians will walk you through each nutrition step and help you gain confidence in living your best life.

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