Everything Is Temporary

Everything is Temporary
The L’ifestyle Lounge is Moving Online for the Foreseeable Future

“Everything is temporary”
“Change is inevitable”
“Grow through the things we go through” 
“Get better not bitter”


These are just four of the many lessons turned mantras we hope you have learned on the yoga mat. Our L’ifestyle community has individually and collectively grown through so many of these teachable moments over the past three years in Closter.  It was and remains our mission to help you tolerate the discomfort of life on and off the mat by learning how to use your breath. Our mission continues to build a courageous community. We are just going to do it in a new way. 
But First….
In looking back over the past three years, our Bergen County yogis have truly breathed life into each other, bent over backwards for each other and nourished one another. Thank you to our community at large for trusting us and showing up to make the Lounge the most special place ever.  Every person who walked into our space, shared sentiments of how calming the space was and how free they felt. There was no judgement. We thank all of you for this. And an extra special thank you goes to our TRIBE for supporting Laura with love, regular texts and many hugs during these past months as she faced cancer. 
But What Are We Talking About….
With the recent events involving COVID 19 and Laura Cipullo’s journey with breast cancer starting in October 2019 through treatment with chemotherapy both coinciding with the Lounge’s Closter lease coming to term, Laura has decided to temporarily close the physical location of the L’ifestyle Lounge. This is not the end but the beginning…. of our online community! 
What Does This Mean For You?

1. It means everything is temporary:

We may reopen in a new space within a year when Laura has given herself sufficient time to heal & reenergize AND the effects of COVID are clearer. 

2. It means we grow through what we go through:

The L’ifestyle Lounge will remain active with our new online community through daily, live virtual classes and an archive of On-Demand classes. Click here for our LIVE SCHEDULE!

3. It means we get better not bitter:

We will continue to offer community events on Thursday evenings such as our upcoming events, Your Body Is Your Best Friend on May 7th and Chakra Healing – Sacral Chakra on May 21st

4. It means we Breathe, Bend and Nourish in every way possible:

Nutrition sessions will continue virtually and when quarantine is over, sessions will be offered at Laura’s home office here in Bergen County and in our New York City location at 156 Fifth Ave. in the Flatiron District. 

5. It means we will rise and rolf:

When the sun is shining and quarantine is over, some group classes will be held outdoors and we will most definitely continue to offer private yoga sessions! 
Gerry, our in-house rolfer, will continue to offer myofascial release. Please email Gerry directly at gerry@fluidbodyrolfing.com
So while change is inevitable, let’s embrace this twist in the journey and continue our efforts to be calm, build an online community and be courageous yogis on and off of the yoga mat. It is now that we must learn to use the breath to tolerate the normal – the discomfort. It is now that we must practice flexibility on the yoga mat so that we can bend, not break during COVID, cancer or whatever hardship you are facing. It is also now that must nourish with love, friendship and of course, food. For more support, read our blog, enjoy our favorite recipes and or read about Positive Nutrition Parenting on our website under L’ifestyle Reads or follow us at LifestyleLoungeNJ or LauraCipullo on instagram!
Please know we love each and every one of you. We hope you choose to continue your journey with us and we hope to say hello and welcome aboard to many more yogis. Just know our online community is a safe space offering no judgment and we strive to be inclusive to all. 

Laura Cipullo and The L’ifestyle Lounge Family 

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