Drop-In Yoga Classes & More

The L’ifestyle Lounge offers a multitude of services allowing for you both to obtain a myriad of wholistic services and classes for self-care in the form of prevention, just living, and healing. Services include:


Classes: Yoga, mindfulness and Physical Therapist Assisted Stretch classes, Tai Chi classes with Phil Cross.


Physical Therapy: Private mindful physical therapy with Elaine Waksman, PT, RYT


Safer Skin Products & Essential Oils: Beautycounter and Uma Oils.


All drop-in classes are 55 minutes. Towels are available. Water and mats are available for rent or purchase.


Drop-In classes are continuously being added to the schedule. Please register for classes online or call / email to let us know you are coming (917-572-7137). Check back for updates or email the Lounge for more information: LifestyleLounge@LauraCipullo.com

Active Stretch

Calling all inflexible individuals! Come and Get Stretched!


This class is perfect for the athlete or non-athlete that needs a good stretch. With a little TLC, you can work towards lengthening your muscles and releasing your fascia. Props and teacher assistance will facilitate you and your body to feeling limber, loose and revitalized.


Temperature 72- 75 degrees.
Room – Candles and Natural Light

Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully – For Grown Ups of Any Age


For anyone who wants a gentle yoga class that includes progressive relaxation techniques. Inhale peace and exhale stress. Learn to move with your body, not against.

Ashtanga Primary Series and Beyond

Ashtanga yoga is a “moving meditation.” Come to build concentration, strength and flexibility.


The practice begins with Sun Salutations A, B and standing poses. This is then followed by sitting poses that flowing a finishing sequence.


The primary series is focused on forward bending and rotating of the hip joints.


Some second series poses will be added from time to time.


This class is open to everyone. Yoko has studied Ashtanga in India and Hawaii. She will offer modifications and adjustments for each yogi’s level.


Ashtanga yoga uses the ujjuayi breath. This is the Lounge’s founder favorite form of breath work. We promise this breath focused practice will be life changing on and off of the mat. Namaste.


Temperature 72- 75 degrees.
Room – Candles and Natural Light

Ashtanga Yoga (in Japanese Language)
Ashtanga yoga class taught in Japanese.





Beginners Intro to Yamas and NiYamas
Beginners, come join our yoga teacher, Bailey (trained at Juluka) for 8 weeks to continue improving your yoga practice while developing an understanding of the 8 limbs of yoga. The yamas and niyamas help guide an individual in living a life  consistent with yogic principles. Feb 8th thru March 29th. Drop-ins welcome.
Bring a mat, water and a compassionate mind.
Beginner Series

No intimidation – yoga! Learn basic yoga poses and correct alignment in very small class just for beginners. Learning poses and posture will help you to prevent injuries and overcome any fears. Work with your body to breathe, stretch, bend and build.

Breathe & Bend

Age 16 through Adult


This is an Ashtanga-Inspired class that flows to music while moving through the primary series. Come to build strength, learn to focus and create energy. You will learn how to bind breath (Ujjayi) with movement enabling greater oxygen flow and a deeper understanding of yoga. Experienced beginners to advanced levels.


For a true Ashtanga experience, take our Ashtanga Class.


Temperature 72- 75 degrees.
Room – Candles and Natural Light
Essential Oils – Please feel free to start or end class with our available oils (DoTerra and Young Living)


Saturdays at 9 am.

Bring Your Friend Friday - BYFF (for Free) Booty-Licious

Themed Class.


There will be some shaking your booty while doing yoga in this fun, spirited yoga class. Class is 80 degrees.

Buddha Flow

Age 16 through Adult


Ashtanga meets Hatha meets Vinyasa meets Self-Care on the mat set to tunes if Indigo Girls, Cover Songs, Ed Sheeran mixed with yoga and meditation sounds.


A class for anyone in anyone in any body who wants to move with the breath. Holding the shape/form/asana for typically five breaths stems from the ancient practice of  ashtanga and hatha yoga. It allows you to build strength while working on tolerating discomfort using the breath. This is the intention of Buddha Flow: Breathe through discomfort on the mat to enable you to use the breath off of the mat, to let go of attachments and hone in on your authentic self to create inner peace.


Note: Holding the postures enables you to build strength and resilience. Class messaging focuses in being perfectly imperfect, Ahimsa, Satya and growing through what you go through.


Buddha Flow will help you to feel BEAUTIFUL!


Click here to book class.

CANDELIGHT Yin / Restorative Yoga
The perfect way to set a positive tone and wind down for the weekend. Incorporate easeful and deep movement for one hour of self-care with essential oils in a warm, cozy space with soft candle lighting. Learn to let go with the help of bolsters, blocks and blankets. Melt into the poses for three to five minutes allowing for muscle relaxation and repair; improved digestion, lymphatic drainage and increased telomere activity. Remember rest is yin and activity is yang. You need both to create balance.


“Both yin and restorative forms of yoga asana are slow paced. in these classes you to focus on maybe 10 different poses for the entire class. both forms of practice aim to calm the mind and nervous system as an end goal, requesting you to turn inward, and focus on your breath.


In traditional restorative yoga your body will supported by props to encourage complete relaxation and a down-shift in your nervous system.


Yin yoga differs in that it is restorative, but less passive. yin yoga uses the long held yoga poses to work deep in to your body’s connective tissues, activating change in a profound but subtle way.


Practicing these passive postures is a nice compliment to the more active (yang) poses found in a vinyasa class. challenge your mind to be at peace within physical stillness…” RITUAL HOUSE, SEATTLE, WA


Chakra Yoga for Beginners 8 Weeks
Each week will focus on one of the 7 chakras, with the last class culminating in a flow awakening all 7 chakras.
Dad or Mom and ME YOGA

Parents/Caretakers get time to explore yoga with their little ones. This Daddy/Mommy/me type of class may help in bonding, and creating a positive relationship btw parent and child. Great for parents who work during the week. This class is all about the toddlers.

ED Warriors

Change your relationship with food, body and exercise, through yoga. This is not a calorie burning activity rather an opportunity to work with your body and get back to yoga basics. Classes are lead by experts in the field of eating disorders including a Lifestyle Lounge RD and or a LCSW. This class is will only be offered as a drop in class for the months of March and April. Thereafter, it will become a semester-long class.

Gentle Yoga - Ideal for Beginners

For anyone who wants a gentle yoga class that includes progressive relaxation techniques. Inhale peace and exhale stress. Learn to move with your body, not against. Chairs, meditation cushions and blocks are available.


Temperature 72- 75 degrees.
Room – Candles and Natural Light


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Healthy Happy Back

Join our Physical Therapist and RYT Elaine for this very specilaized yoga sequence to protect your lower back and strengthen the supporting muscles. Many times clients start yoga practice after years of immobility, childbirth or overcoming a sports injury. This class helps to ensure the individual is lengthening the spine rather than compressing the spine. Most flow classes especially those with large classes, do no take the time or have the time to evaluate each student’s alignment. This class allows the student to develop a deeper understanding of how to move with the body and create space between each vertebrae.

Hatha Yoga and Hike

Fridays 9-10:15


Hatha Yoga aka Classical Yoga is the physical practice known as Asana or postures, combined with breath work seeking to balance the body with the mind; The postures are also designed to open the many channels of the body—especially the main channel, the spine—so that energy can flow freely. It asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.


Hatha is also translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us.


Join our Physical Therapist and Yoga Certified Instructor, Elaine Waksman Fridays from 9-10:15am as she guides you through a warm up consisting of Sun Salutations, followed by a sequence of postures combined with guided breath work and develop a balance of strength and flexibility, while learning to balance your effort, and surrender in each pose. This class is ideal for beginners, intermediate levels and those individuals who are curious but have never tried Yoga.


Fridays 10:15-10:30


Elaine will hold Sacred Space for a 15 min meditation immediately following the Hatha Yoga Class


Fridays 11-12


Continue your journey towards transformation as you are guided on a Silent Hike in the beautiful setting of the Palisades and Rockleigh Woods. At 10:45 we will all drive to a hiking location from the L’ifestyle Lounge to a nearby trail where we will connect with nature and yourself while creating mental equilibrium, emotional health, calmness, sensitivity to yourself and others.

Hip Hop Yoga

Get sweaty in 90 degrees heat while flowing to a play list of hip-hop and rap.

Honey Flow

Move slow as honey during this seemingly simple yoga class that is surprisingly very challenging.

Intro to Mindfulness

Join L’ifestyle Lounge founder and author Laura Cipullo, RD, CEDRD, RYT for a 10-week introduction to mindfulness. Each week will be themed around yoga’s ethical disciplines (Yamas) and observances (Niyamas) to develop a fundamental path towards being “in the moment” each moment in a meaningful way. More than just being present but truly enjoying the experience of living your life!


Expect movement suitable for every body along with discussion and varied meditations. No experience is necessary and everyone is welcome. An excellent series for those who would like to go a bit beyond the poses of yoga.


This is a ten week class. Please register under Intro to Mindfulness – on our app Laura Cipullo Nutrition and Yoga or call 917-572-7137. Prorated enrolling allowed. $25.00 a class.

Open Yoga

Age 16 through Adult


This is the class for every person and appropriate for all levels. There is no right or wrong. Guide your body by working with sensations to flow into and out of the poses while being mindful of breath and gaze. The instructor will offer modifications and adjustments based on your level of experience and level of readiness. Recognize your body may be more tired at night.


Free mediation is offered after class on Mondays from 8 to 8:45 pm.


Class temp is 72 – 74 degrees.
Candelight at night.
Essential oils provided.


Click here to book class.

Open Family Yoga

All kids and even the parents are welcome to practice yoga and mindfulness for an hour. Learn breathing techniques and basic yoga poses to create a foundation in yoga at an early age.


Parents are encouraged to join the class so that the principles can be adopted to everyday living all week long.




Purchase a Family Membership – 1 Adult plus 2 or more children at $150.00 a month (one year membership). Unlimited drop – in classes for the adult and children. This excludes semester classes.


Purchase a Ten Pack – One pack per child for ten sessions  $180.00. (expires in 6 mos)


Purchase a Siblings 6 Pack – 2 or more siblings can sign up for 6 classes under this package. Only use you have two or more children attending the class. $250.00 expires in 4 mos.

Parent/Child Yoga (Grades K thru 3rd)

Join this gentle vinyasa class for parents and their children Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Parents please flow and let your children follow. Don’t worry about your child’s shapes or flow. Your child will learn through your role modeling. Messaging on the mat can be applied off the mat.


This class was created for parents who want to befit from yoga and also want to a class to influence their child’s well being.

Prenatal Bliss

For Pregnant Yogis


Join Sue Ferreri, RYT who is certified in prenatal yoga for one hour of yoga. Whether you are pregnant or just want to move more easily and gently with your body, this is the class for you. Bolsters are provided.


Click here to book class.

Restorative/Yin Yoga

We are all busy and finding the time for our yoga practice can sometimes be difficult but when do you find the time to balance that practice.


Yin yoga is the deep practice that can help us to find that balance in our lives and ultimately by slowing down and going deeper will enhance and balance your yang practice.


If you are busy and operating in a high stress response (sympathetic nervous system/ fight or flight), a fast powerful vinyasa flow may feel wonderful to help release some of that built up energy but is that balance? Maybe what would serve you is to work towards tapping into your parasympathetic nervous system and getting out of the Fight or flight mode you’ve been in all day.


Unlike Yang which targets juicy muscle which respond well to faster repetitive movement, yin yoga works towards stressing specific joints and connective tissues ( bones, ligaments, tendons and fascia) which are dryer so needs to be done safely with a slow consistent load. This stresses the specific areas triggering your body to respond with nutrients ultimately feeding and strengthening these areas.


Yin yoga can help calm and balance both body and mind
increase circulation and the flow of Chi or Prana
improves flexibility and joint mobility, allows you the time to connect and become intimate with our body and mind and can teach you to become comfortable in an uncomfortable situation both physically and mentally.

Rock, Sweat, & Glow

Age 16 through Adult


Build internal heat in this fun, energetic, fast paced Vinyasa class, set to a mix of pop, rock, hip-hop and rap. You will also focus on bending AND breathing in this moving meditation. You will leave happy and one step closer to your own nirvana. Intermediate to Advanced levels.


You will definitely  rock to the music, sweat from the heat in the class and inner heat built and leave glowing! Get an extra glow from our BeautyCounter Vit. C spritzer or peppermint oil, if you choose.


Class is 80 degrees.
Click to book class.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi w/Philip Cross


My Tai Chi program is a gentle low impact workout which begins with gentle stretching and increases energy. It then incorporates the 12 classical tendon exchange exercises which promotes strength to tendons and bones. Finally, we end with the Tai Chi Long Form which integrates mind and body by creating balance and a healthy immune system. This class also decreases stress, improves posture and helps slow down the aging process. It is suitable for all age groups.
Philip studies under Master Randy Elia at Peter Kwok’s Kung Fu Academy. He is trained in Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan as well as Yi Gun Gin. He has
taught many successful programs at Blauvelt Library, Nanuet Community Education and Orangeburg Library as well as private lessons. Philip is
inspired by how Tai Chi can improve health, longevity and happiness! It is his intention to motivate his students to better health.
His philosophy is simple yet essential to our being and spirit… Movement is Life!
Philip retired from a successful 35 year career as a Chef.

Themed Class - 80's Dance Party

Flow on your mat to your favorite tunes from the 80’s.

UPLIFT - Vinyasa Flow

UPLIFT Vinyasa w Shari Brooks


Every class opens with a dharma to set the intention of your practice. Class flows through a sequences of shapes and forms held for a few breaths but short enough to keep the internal heat stoked. Shari uses inspiring music, quotes and mantras to lift your spirt and help your mind lead your body. This class is a faster pace version of Buddha Flow and slower version of Rock, Sweat and Glow. It is the perfect blend of different yoga styles to meet every yogi’s needs. Essential oils are available to create an even more UPLIFTed mood. Feel free to use them at your own discretion.


Temperature 72- 75 degrees.
Room – Candles and Natural Light

Wise Warriors for Athletes

Ages 8-12 Years


Yoga and Meditation for boys ages 9 through 12. Learn to stop the monkey mind, increase focus in school and of course, have some fun too.


Saturdays 9 am.


Ages 14-16


Yoga Basics for older boys to learn how to be grounded, as well as flexible on and off the mat. Each class consists of a Vinyasa flow while learning how to breathe mindfully, instilling self-confidence and acceptance.


Click here to register.

Yoga for Jr Athletes ages 10-12

Breathe, bend and stretch to increase focus, flexibility, balance and strength for academics and sports. This is a unique class created for boys ages 10 – 12 to learn mindfulness meditation, to connect with their bodies and mind. Our boys now have yoga just like all of the Pro Teams!

Yoga for Wellness Series

Unite breathe, postures, and essential oils! This five week series feature UMA’s Wellness Oils. Each week will be themed around Calm, Bliss, Rest, Energy, and infuse the associated oil from the esteemed oil collection of India’s Royalty.

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