Cook with Me and Iu!

It’s one thing to learn about creating a healthy lifestyle, but what happens when it’s time to put what you learned into practice? That can be a pretty big challenge for some folks. Nourishing, nutritious food often requires preparation, and if you aren’t a person who feels comfortable in the kitchen for whatever reason — maybe you don’t love/know how to cook, or are recovering from an eating disorder, or feel like you just don’t have the time — you might give up on the concept altogether.

Making your own food is not only a positive thing to do, but also allows you to more thoroughly commit to the ideas of mindfulness and self-care. Cooking is a nurturing act, and when you spend time making food for yourself, you are more likely to spend time tasting the food and really appreciating all the flavors, ingredients and work that went into creating it.

So, where do you begin? One of our favorite ways to introduce self-care with nourishment is via cooking lessons with a Whole Nutrition RD. Rather than dwell on diets, you can learn to create simple and nourishing meals in your very own kitchen. Our RD, Laura Iu, will come to your home and teach you a unique combination of culinary expertise with nutrition education. Laura Iu, RD helped me with recipe testing and development for the book Women’s Health Body Clock Diet. Cooking with Laura Iu will allow you to reclaim your health and gain the skills to begin your quest towards a healthy L’ifetstyle.

This option is not only ideal for self-care, but an easy avenue to get your nanny cooking balanced meals for you and your whole family. We can also teach your kids to love all foods! Through hands-on activities, these interactive lessons get kids excited about tasting new foods, learning about new ingredients, all the while empowering them with lifetime tools for self-care. Lessons will be conducted in a nominated space of your own, based around your schedule, and can be tailored towards your individual needs.

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