Closter Summer Camp for Healthy Yogis

Breathe, Bend and Nourish Yoga Camp Summer 2017


 L’ifestyle Lounge  308 Harrington Ave. Closter, NJ. 07624

Contact: 917-572-7137 or

The L’ifestyle Lounge offers a half-day camp for various weeks over the summer led by both Registered Yoga Teachers with their Masters in Education and Registered Dietitians. B.B.N. Camp provides meditation, yoga and nutrition education. There will be a different nutrition activity everyday including a body positive activity “Why I Love Me” led by Laura Cipullo, Certified Eating Disorder RD and founder of the Lounge. Yoga and meditation classes will be available on the premises to parents at the same time.

Ages 5-8 years old $40/day 1 pm to 4 pm daily Must register for at least three days in one week. (price includes one yoga class for the parent that same day)

June 27th – June 30th   Tuesday to Friday – Make your own potted garden.


July 5th – July 7th Wednesday to Friday – Learn to eat mindfully with daily mindful snacks (no nuts or gluten due to possible food allergies). Body positive activities such as “Why I Love Me” and “Why We Exercise.”


July 10th – 14th Monday to Friday – Make a meditation cushion and your own mala bracelet. Mindful snacks continued from week 2.


August 21th – 25th Monday to Friday –  Healthy Habits – based on the lessons in Laura Cipullo’s Workbook, “Healthy Habits – 8 Essential Nutrition Lessons Every Parent and Educator Needs to Know.” Each day one – two new lessons will be incorporated so that by the end of the week, all 8 lessons will be covered. Workbook is $31.00 additional fee.

Camp instructors include Megan DePiero, RYT, Susan Ferreri, RYT, Elyssa Toomey, RD, RYT and L. Cipullo, RD, RYT.

Email Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD, RYT at to register.

Shop books by Laura to tune in to the power of positive nutrition.