Moving Towards Mindful Eating of All Foods

Food is fuel. It’s there to keep us alive and nourish us. But often we don’t use it that way. Instead we turn to food to soothe ourselves when we’ve had a bad day, to occupy us when we’re bored, to make us feel good when we want to celebrate, or to punish ourselves when we’ve “cheated.” (“I’ve already had half those chips, might as well finish the whole can.”) Sometimes, we eat simply because we know how good it tastes and want to experience that wonderful pleasure over and over again. This can be hedonic hunger. Sometimes, it’s a behavioral thing. For instance, you are used to eating a dozen cookies every day at 4pm to fight tiredness, and now you’ve come to expect it and eat it automatically. This is mindless eating. But you can change your eating behaviors! You can become a mindful eater.

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