Women’s Health Body Clock Diet

Four Steps To Success:

Buy the book and of course, read the book. While reading the book, starting logging your meals, feelings and thoughts. You can download the mindful logs below. Watch the video I created to explain the logging. Next, create a comfort card to use rather than emotionally eating and be on your way to working with your body rather than against it. Schedule an appointment with Laura Cipullo, RD and or Lisa Mikus, RD to fine tune this process by addressing Food, Sleep and Stress. Want to go a step further ask about yoga sessions with Laura and cooking lessons with Lisa Mikus and Laura Iu. Breathe! Namaste.


Scroll Down and Start Living
WH Body Clock Diet_Mindful Meal Log with cover

1. Click Below to Download Your Very Own Mindful Meal Logs

WH Body Clock Diet_Mindful Meal Log 

2. Watch this video:

3. Download Your Very Own Comfort Card

WH Body Clock Diet_Comfort Cards

4. Start reading and living the

Women’s Health Body Clock Lifestyle!

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