8 Essential Kid-Friendly Nutrition Lessons Every Parent and Educator Needs to Know



Healthy Habits mission is to help children develop positive relationships with eating and neutral relationships with food. It provides honest, credible, and fun health education utilizing nutrition and exercise principles designed to promote positive behavioral changes. The anticipated result: lifelong healthy habits leading to optimal wellness for the entire family.

Healthy Habits’ goal is to unite children and their families to achieve long-term dietary changes and increased physical activity.

The goal is to encourage the development of confident, intuitive children who honor their internal satiation cues using the “Everyday Foods versus Sometimes Foods” philosophy.

Create Healthy Habits in Eight Weeks and Keep on Going

Healthy Habits can be used as a continuous eight-week program incorporating one nutrition lesson weekly or as a reference guide for parents and educators (coaches, schoolteachers, or nutrition students). The Lesson plans convey a Positive Nutrition approach teaching children how to eat all foods while still being healthy. This program is sensitive to the fact eating disorders are on the rise and prevention is essential. Wellness rather than weight loss is emphasized. This is your guide for sharing positive food and body messages rather than a good-versus-bad nutrition philosophy. Each of the eight lessons provide a hands-on nutrition activity, corresponding instructor plan, a child-friendly handout and homework sheet.

Laura Cipullo, RD, CDE, CEDRD, developed this child’s wellness workbook, in response to the increase in eating disorders as well as the childhood obesity epidemic universally declared by the media. Healthy Habits is also a tool for families and educators to use to develop positive relationships with food and body in order to prevent or minimize children’s food and weight issues. The program was designed to educate and accept children of all shapes and sizes on how to make appropriate nutrition choices by honoring their bodies rather than shaming their bodies. It is the best tool to begin a truly healthy lifestyle created by a certified eating disorder registered dietitian and mom of two.

Physical activity is recommended as an adjunct to the nutrition lessons and should be incorporated within a supportive and safe environment. The children can exercise or learn yoga and dance with an exercise physiologist, gym teacher, dance instructor, or parent. Dance parties are encouraged!



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