The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet

This is an extraordinary book by Laura and the editors of Prevention magazine. It has been redesigned for easy reading and recipe-making with a second release in September 2015.

Progress through through five stages of change under Laura’s START Program to create a diet of habitual nourishment while eating all foods managing blood sugar. You will learn the three best steps to modify recipes so you can eat all foods while simultaneously losing an evidence based and achievable amount of weight—7 percent of your current weight and reversing your blood sugar spikes. To make things easy there are two hundred recipes and a two-week meal guide using the comfort recipes to ease you into guilt free living. Think childhood favorites—burgers, brownies, and soon to be new favorites such as soba noodle salad and salmon with avocado salsa.

Included in this book plus more:

  • Three Meal Makeover Guidelines
  • 20 Grab-and-Go snacks
  • Tips to Combat Mindless Eating
  • Diabetes Weekly Meal Planner
  • Hunger Fullness Scale aka Internal Regulation System
  • Pantry and Fridge Cheat Sheet
  • Diabetes Meal and Blood Sugar Log

Start guilt free living now!



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