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US Government Issues New Cholesterol Guidelines 

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February 2015
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Laura Cipullo New Years Resolutions Americas News HQ, December 2013

I saw Laura’s appearance on Fox today, and appreciate her bringing it to everyone’s attention that the real problem is our behavior.  Becoming overweight is just the result of our behavior.  Many people can make losing weight much easier if they will simply change their life patterns.  You guys are the pros though, not me. One other thing I wanted to mention was Laura’s smile.  She doesn’t just grin, she lights up the world when she smiles!  I had to rewind and watch it a couple of times to try and figure it out, but I guess it’s just her. Have a great new year! Thanks, Chuck Vaughan Oklahoma


Laura Cipullo Fast Food Choices Fox and Friends, November 2013
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Eating a big breakfast could speed weight loss Fox News August 2013

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