Yoga for Children with Developmental Delays


At the L’ifestyle Lounge, Closter, NJ

A weekly yoga class created for children with developmental delays

to just be a kid practicing yoga, while mom/dad/caregiver

meditate in the studio down the hall.

For children and teens with developmental delays who want a safe, inclusive place, to just be themselves. In this class, students learn mindfulness, yoga poses, and develop a sense of self-worth. Many of our instructors are dual Certified in Elementary and Special Education. Danielle Christen, MAT, RYT and Megan DePiero, RYT are both trained in Applied Behavior Analysis. Also, for the past 14 years, Sue Ferreri, RYT served as a coach for the Special Olympics. We will work with you to determine which class level best meets your child’s needs. Email or call Laura at 917-572-7137 to get more information. Yoga series offered for 4, 8 and 14 weeks.


All yoga, mindfulness and nutrition sessions are located at the L’ifestyle Lounge set back behind it’s parking lot at 308 Harrington Ave.

Bergen County’s First Self Care Studio with Registered Dietitians and Register Yoga Instructors.

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