5 Weeks to Mindfulness: Lunch Series for Beginner to Intermediate Yogis


Bring a mat, take a seat to learn the definition of mindfulness and how to apply it to every aspect of your daily living from walking to eating to practicing yoga.

Over five Tuesdays, you will transform your lifestyle with Closter’s L’ifestyle Lounge Lunch Series led by registered dietitian and registered yoga teacher, Elyssa Toomey. Starting Oct 10th from 12:00 to 12:50 pm, you will learn what mindfulness is, how to eat mindfully, breathe mindfully (mindfulness meditation) and live a more mindful, healthy life. The practice of yoga – binding breath with movement will be introduced sessions three through five.

Dates: Oct 17 through Nov 21; No class Oct 31.

Cost: $195.00. Please bring your own yoga mat. Expect to move sessions 3 through 5.

Session 1

Mindfulness 101

Basics, mindful breathing and eating

Session 2

How To Do

How to eat and walk mindfully

Intro to basic asanas/yoga poses

Session 3

Stress Reduction 101

Mindfulness and stress reduction

Yoga practice 20 min

Session 4

Mindful Eating Challenge

(The art of eating chocolate cake and chips, mindfully)

Yoga practice 30 min

Session 5


Mindfulness meditation and yoga 45 minutes


Email: lifestylelounge@lauracipullo.com for more information or sign up here.

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