What to eat - for men

Men have just as many questions and issues regarding nutrition and exercise as women. Does your trainer tell you to drink protein shakes while your doctor tells you to cut cholesterol? Have you been told to lose weight but don’t know how or even how much? Do you wonder what foods you should eat to build lean muscle mass?

At Laura Cipullo Whole Nutrition Services (LCWNS), our dietitians will give you the answers to rock your nutrition game. In a private nutrition consultation, you will learn how to satiate and truly satisfy your appetite all the while still living life to the fullest. We understand that wine may be part of business dinners; we understand the pressures to be fit are as relentless for men as women; and we even know that you have GI problems too. You got it and we get it! And you can master it. Whether you need a nutrition check­up, a nutrition app, or a diet revamp, our RDs are ready to guide you. You can walk away with a meal guide containing three options for each meal and five options for snacks or perhaps a new outlook on how to talk about food when in the presence of your daughters. The goal is to be a “‘L’ifestyler”! All foods fit—and we even teach you how to fit drinks too.

Laura’s husband and male clients have done it and so can you! We look forward to meeting you in the office!